Interview with Steve Salter, Account Manager at Netcetera

Steve SalterIt’s extraordinary to see web hosting companies put emphasis on the impact of their servers to the environment. With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, NETCETERA developed a technology to host in an environment friendly context.

And now they want to put their message across.

The impact of web hosting companies in the environmental context should not be taken for granted rather it should be something that companies should put emphasis on.

Here with us today is Steve Salter, Account Manager from Netcetera, to give us more information on the company.

Thank you for having us today, Steve. First, our readers are quite curious about the name. NETCETERA.

What does it stand for? Does it hold a deeper meaning for your team?

The name came about to show that we not only provide excellent interNET solutions for businesses but we also provide all the eCETERA’s that businesses need to flourish when they embrace the internet and technology.

Would you mind telling us more of how you guys started back in 1996? Who were the great minds behind it?

The business was the idea of our CEO Peter who instigated the business idea and worked together to create something that now provides Business Hosting and Managed IT solutions for clients all over the world.

Two decades in the industry must not have been a walk in the park. You started out when the Internet is still starting out as well.

With all the companies starting out the same time you did, it is hard to ensure the longevity of your own. Yet you’re still here with us today. With that level of competition, how were you able to properly stand out?

It wasn’t easy to start with as there was a rapid growth for data storage and hosting solutions, competition was fierce. We decided that the best place to be located was where we are based today on the Isle of Man. We stand out because we offer honesty, reliability and we build trust. We’re also a green datacentre, all our power is zero carbon. We also pride ourselves on the support we give clients, regardless of the time of day. We’re not a one size fits all business although we offer a huge variety of solutions that can purchased directly from our website we also regularly provide
bespoke solutions based on the clients requirements.

From data centers to cloud servers, you provide almost all the client’s needs in Web Hosting. What services found an immediate crack in the market?

At the start it was website hosting. 20 years ago businesses were only just starting to use the web as a way to create sales and generate awareness. We found that there was a huge demand for reliable cost effective hosting. This is still the case but we’re now finding a lot more interest in scalable cloud solutions and dedicated servers with a level of management.

Competition in the industry must have been really tough. Yet you still managed to nab the Best Shared Hosting award from one of the biggest award giving body for the Internet Industry in the UK.

The Internet Services Providers Association awarded NETCETERA the Best Shared Hosting Award for 3 consecutive years.

What were the measures implemented that greatly contributed to your steadfast growth?

Having a great staff team is very important to the business. This has been achieved through having staff well trained and kept up to date with all the latest technology changes. We never stand still, this is demonstrated with our new hosting hall that opened late last year. This hall uses the very latest cooling technology and cold air technology and has one of the lowest PUE figures in Europe.
We also listen to what our clients need and continually develop new services to match their requirements.

Your emphasis on Green Hosting led to the creation of The Netcetera Green Initiative. Can you give us a run down what it’s all about?

That’s quite unique. Tell us ­ How is it implemented on your data centers?

In 2013 in light of various reports made into climate change we decided to go green and show our support for green energy. Although green energy is slightly more expensive than normal energy from oil or gas we were able to offset the additional costs through the use of energy efficient server and cooling, this meant we didn’t have to pass these costs onto our clients. So far we have saved almost 2 Million Kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere.



So who do you think will listen to your USP and How do you make sure your message is getting heard with all the noise in the market space?

Anybody who wants reliable hosting. Just because we are green doesn’t mean that we are any different in what we provide. We just provide it in a clean way with no damage to the environment. Also many of the global companies that we work with have their own environmental management policies so green hosting is an easy choice for them to make.

It’s clear that your main goal for The Netcetera Green Initiative is to reduce carbon footprints.

How do servers directly impact the carbon footprints in the environment?

All of the hosting we provide, from a small website to a set of racks is powered by green energy. The more hosting we provide the less CO2 that is created. When you think IT and datacentres possibly cause more damage than aviation then we can’t just sit back and do nothing.

In line with the question above, how do you create carbon neutral logos for your clients?

Once a client has signed up for one of our hosting packages we can send them a choice of green initiative logos that they can use on their own websites to show their clients that they take their environmental responsibility seriously.

For the benefit of our readers, can you please clear things out on your datacenter co­location? How is it beneficial to your client’s web server?

Our datacentre location has many benefits. Firstly the infrastructure is first class, it has to be as we are located in one of the world’s leading offshore financial centres. Our utility supply is second to none and our links to the outside world are as we say world class. We’re also in a very safe location, easy to get to and with a very low risk of terrorism attacks unlike some of the datacentres in some of the bigger cities around the world. Being based where we are doesn’t create any problems for our clients after all we have clients as far away as New Zealand and Australia along with the USA, Africa and all over Europe and India.


You maintained a ?99.97% uptime record? over the past 11 years. What’s the secret sauce that enabled you do to hold such a record?

­ ?We pride ourselves on continuous improvement and monitoring. One of the reasons why we have such high percentages is because of the infrastructure and the other is because we continually upgrade the technology we use.

You hold open house tours of your data centers in Isle of Man. Are there any special considerations before our readers complete the booking form?

Anybody can come to the Datacentre for a tour. It’s important to book first and for people to remember to bring some form of photo ID. We take security very seriously, saying all that the tours are fun and informative and we’ll throw in some drinks too.

That’s about the time we have for today. Before we wrap up, can you share with us promo codes or discount coupons for when we subscribe to the service?

We’d like to think that we always offer excellent value with the best support around but as a thank you we would like to offer your readers the opportunity to get some great offers and super discounts, starting with an extra 10% off our already great value hosting packages. Readers can use HRB10 promo code.

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Now there you have it folks. I hope that you learned more about NETCETRA through this interview. Thank you for your time, Steve. Those are some interesting insights. We wish you success on your campaign and good luck to your folks back in NETCETERA.

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