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So you want to start your own website but don’t know what to do first?

Your business is new and you need to build a website to setup your online presence but aren’t sure which platform to trust?

Don’t worry! Kaira is here to help you!

There are a lot of website builders right now and it’s a hard decision to find which one is the best. The competition is so intense that everyone has their own sets of freebies, perks and features that only they can offer. While the competition might not be your concern, it is still better to pick the best of the best. Who do you intend to trust with your website? Who do you think can design the best website for you?

If you haven’t made your decision, then this is your lucky day! We have Zack from Kaira here and he’s with us today to answer your questions about website building and establishing your online presence.

I am honored to have you here Zack. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to interview you today. First off, we’d like to know a short introduction about your company. Can you give a brief overview of your company’s history and the brilliant people who made it possible.

Hello… thank you for the interview. Kaira started out in 2010, with as a web development company teaming up with top agencies and designers to create web solutions for top companies. Building anything from websites to intranets to custom development solutions, we were later introduced to WordPress and started specializing in WordPress development. In 2014, Kaira’s business model changed direction and moved into building WordPress themes and offering them for free on, with an option to purchase premium themes too.

Our research says that Kaira was founded in 2010. We can see that the company has grown so much since then. Based on all those years of experience, what can you say has changed in the website industry?

Since starting out building custom projects we’ve seen platforms such as WordPress grow and enable users to build their own sites easily without needing to pay a lot for designers and developers to do the work for them, and this is why Kaira moved towards building WordPress themes.

Kaira has been providing great service for the past 6 years. Based on the company’s experience, what do you think are the most common features that people look for in your products? What makes your theme company stand out?

Simplicity and beautiful design are what users love about our products, with the functionality to change and build the themes into exactly the website they want. I feel it’s also the reliable support which makes users trust in Kaira… Knowing they can contact us and get fast, reliable help on the products is something users love about Kaira.



The competition is really trying their best to win over the customers with good features and a few extras. Do you mind giving us a few reasons why people should choose Kaira over the competition? What is your edge against the other website builders?

When building our themes we concentrate on how users will be using the themes, to focus on simple usability but give the user the power to build any site they want. Also to keep up great support, users really value having quick reliable support to help out when setting up their websites.

We were able to look at some of your free themes on and we were really impressed on how clean and beautiful they were. Do you offer these themes for all your customers for free? How much do you usually charge usually for a premium upgrade?

Thank you… Yes I offer all of my themes for free on, and they all have an optional premium upgrade which offers a bunch of extra layout and color settings for the themes. Although users can definitely build a full website for free with our free themes.

Do you mind giving us a brief idea of Kaira’s major offerings? What are your most sought after services?

Our main focus at Kaira is specializing in WordPress development and offering free WordPress themes with an option to upgrade to a premium version. We also offer WooCommerce plugins to enhance your users online shopping experience.

The current website building market is very competitive. New website building methods are showing up with new features and perks. If they avail of your service, what can you offer that no other website builder cannot? Why should newbie website owners choose you over the competition?

Again it comes down to how simple, yet powerful our products are, and the support we offer is 5/5 stars… We’re here to help you build your online presence.

You posted your own list of themes which will be offered in Out of all those featured, which ones are your favorites? Which one is the easiest to customize for beginners?

I concentrate on keeping all of my themes very simple for users to setup and use.

Our most popular themes at the moment are Vogue and TopShop which are very customizable with a bunch of color and layout settings available.

Kaira is known to be one of the best theme shops in the market. How do you guys keep your standards to meet customer satisfaction?

We focus on the user and try to keep our response time very quick. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and building great products is what we do… Keep an eye on Kaira, try out our products and grow with us.

Lastly, we saw that you were promoting BlueHost on your website. What makes them a good pair with Kaira? How reliable is BlueHost as a webhost?

BlueHost have been around for a long time, powering over 2 million WordPress websites. Built on revolutionary VPS technology and engineered for a unique architecture designed for WordPress… and besides the good prices, their support is very good from my experience, which to me, makes them one of the best.

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