Fill your layer with black using the Paint Bucket Tool or simply press G. Make sure black is selected as your color.

Step 1



Click the Create New Layer icon at the bottom of the layers panel. Once clicked a new layer will appear above your Background Layer.

 Step 2

Go to Edit and select Fill. A dialog box will appear, click the Use dropdown menu and select Color… Once clicked the Color Picker will appear. Use the color swatch #c2c3c3 and click Ok

 Step 2.1

Your entire layer will be covered in a gray color.

Step 2.2



Go to Filter > Noise and select Add Noise. A dialog box will appear. Give the Amount a high value somewhere between 140-160%. And make sure Distribution is set to Gaussian and also check Monochromatic.

Step 3

Once done, your layer will be covered in static-looking speckles.

Step 3.1



Again go to Filter > Blur and this time choose Motion Blur. Once the dialog box appears, set the Angle to -10 degrees. And set the Distance about 200-210 px.

Step 4



Now the edges of this layer are a bit sharp-looking and will not look good for our text. So now we will crop part of the photo to be used. Select the Crop Tool or simply press C. Make a selection in the middle of the layer. Once done, press Enter (windows) or Return (mac).

Step 5



Time to add our text. With the Text tool or just pressing T, input your desired text. Make sure you use a very thick font for this.

Step 6

Move your Text layer below the Metal Effect Layer by dragging it down the layer.

 Step 6.1



With the Metal Layer selected, go to Layer and select Create Clipping Mask. Once done an arrow pointing below will appear beside the layer.

Step 7



With the Text Layer selected, click on the Layer Styles icon at the bottom of the layers palette and choose Bevel and Emboss. This opens the Layer Style dialog box.

 Step 8

Change the Technique to Chisel Hard, increase Depth to about 505% and increase Size to 6px. Notice that when changes are made the Preview at the right changes too.

Step 8.1

In the Shading section, click on the box of Gloss Contour and change the Preset to Ring. Make sure Anti-aliased is checked.

Step 8.2


Once still in the Layer Style dialog box, click on Gradient Overlay at the left of the dialog box. Change the Blend Mode to Overlay. Click on the Gradient Bar and select the first gradient. Decrease the value of Opacity to 70%.

Step 9


And with that we are done! Hope you like it!

Finished Product


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