Quick Chat With The CEO at Jewel Themes, Liton Arefin

253220_10200825861000198_2130726459_nCreating your own website has always been a gruelling task! From coding, simple layouts, plugins.. Everything just takes forever to finish!

Thank God we already have website builders. But that alone isn’t enough! Some website builders still take forever to create a beautiful website.

You know what you should be happy about? There are website builders that are so simple even a child could make a website. You don’t believe us? Check out Jewel Theme!

Now you don’t have to go through the whole coding process by yourself! You have people available 24/7 to answer your questions and guide you through the whole website creation process.

If you need more information, we have Liton Arefin from Jewel Theme. He took some time off his busy schedule to answer all your inquiries about the company.

Thank you for giving us the chance to interview you Liton Arefin.  We are glad you could make it. Let’s get everything started with our first question.  Can you give us a short overview of what your company does? How did Jewel Theme start? Who are the brilliant minds behind this company?

We Love to create cool Websites. We Develop WordPress Themes and Plugins. We’ve showcased our products on our Website and Selling our Products on ThemeForest.

Not only on ThemeForest, we’ve Few Themes and Plugins on wordpress.org

At the beginning we all do freelancing. While doing freelancing we used to customize our client Website and sometime we have to design and develop client’s Website from the beginning. Then we decide to make something better and we will provide support to our client. When this idea comes our mind, The Jewel Theme starts its journey.

At the beginning we were Freelancers. While doing Freelancing we used to customize our client Websites and sometime we have to design and develop client’s Website from scratch. Then we decide to make something better and and make some Royalty Income. We will also provide supports to our client. When this idea comes our mind, The Jewel Theme starts its journey from December 16, 2014.

We are the 4 guys who works on Jewel Theme.

Liton Arefin: I’m the Technical Lead Developer of Jewel Theme and also doing my job as a CEO. My Programming on WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Akbar Hossain: The Great Designer, “Akbar the Great”. Generates new IDEA of Design on Latest Design Trends of UI/UX, after discussing with me make a Sketch and finally on PSD. The front end developer make it outstanding and attractive via hard coding.

Labu: Our Front-end Engineer, Developing and bring the life to any PSD Website Template. Follows the Standard Coding Styles with a Latest Development Tools. Keeps in mind anyone can customize Templates easily. Sublime Text Lover for extensive uses.

Jemee: Marketing Manager and writer for Jewel Theme. Playing with Google and make relationship with other.

Support is our best part. We’ve Strong Support Policy for our Clients. If any client comes to us, we cann’t leave him without fully satisfaction. We’re renowned for Supports to our Clients. Our Maximum response time is 10-20 mins.

Awesome! What inspired you to start this line of business though? Who thought of the idea behind Jewel Theme?

We got inspiration from our freelancing life 😀 . Our freelancing life has taught us a lot of things. We always try to do something good. Basically, I’m the IDEA generator behind of Jewel Theme. We’ve got few Outstanding peoples besides us, who always inspired us to make something happens.

Jewel Theme claims to be the Best and Easiest platform for blogging and running any type of business. What made you say that? How is it different from your usual Website Builder?

Everything needs to be up to date. Business owners have to keep updated with Latest Technology Trends, Marketing Policy, Community Activities etc. I’ve started my Developer life since 2007. It’s a long run. I’ve learned a lot from my clients, what they want and how to satisfy them.

We make Video Tutorials for every products for our Clients. It saves our Support Times also. On our Product Package we provides the Video Tutorial links with Documentation, necessary files etc.

We’re trying to keep our eyes on customers end. And focused on UX, that’s the basic thing that made our clients happy. Even we saw some creative customers, they are using our Products and made it unique with color concepts that was beyond our thinking. Even customers have Creativity to play with our Products. We’re lucky to see some clients with exceptional quality. They often suggests us to make our product better, we always give value our Clients Suggestions. If necessary then we made changes instantly.

The company seems to have a good reputation among newbies in the blogging and business community. How did you manage to make your themes and templates newbie friendly? Can someone without any website building experience create a website from you guys?

While Developing our Template, Themes or Plugins we think how to make it easy use, even a beginner can customize everything without any Programming knowledge. Anyone can build a Website without any experience. Because, we help our customer and we teach some necessary tips which help them to work with their website easily.

jewel_theme_themesI know most people might  already know this but what is the difference between your theme and template offerings? What is included in each package? How do you determine the pricing between each product?

Well, I’ve told earlier that we provide all necessary files relates with the Product. Even we offer “Free Installation” for our Buyers if anyone face difficulties. We’ve Online Documentations also. For time consuming Customizations we charge a small amount from our Clients and they’re willing to pay us for our affort and time.

We provide PSD files in HTML packages. When our customer hire a Front-end Developer for changing something in the HTML design. Clients can easily change the PSD design via Photoshop and show it to the Developer. It helps the Developer to understand and work smoothly.

We have a standard price for general license. When we include any premium plugin in our product we have to increase the price a little bit. Because, when someone buy our product he/she will get update for the premium plugin also.

Normally, what are the most common features that an aspiring blogger look for in a website builder? How are these features going to help them in creating their own website?

A blogger always seeking for a good looking blog page with thumb image and good typography. We always give tons of Font Options for select clients suitable and different type of Layout Options like right sidebar, left sidebar, masonry, standard, Grid and so on. We also add different types of post format like audio, video, quote, question, chat, image, gallery, image etc. These also helps our user to arrange blog page perfectly.

Does paying for your service also mean support on creating the website? How far would you go on helping a customer personalize their own site? Do you offer any extra features?

Clients purchase our product, if they feels difficulties then we help to setup our product and arrange the demo content without any cost. If anyone face problems we always open for help. If we noticed our customer face problem for server issue, we try to fix it. We always show the right way to work with a website.
About other services I’ve mentioned earlier

You have free themes on your website which are actually quite impressive. Kudos for that! If your site already has free beautiful themes, why should we get your paid themes? Why should your customers pay for the upgrade?

Sometime people want to try Themes for free, that’s why we have added some free Themes in our Website. Free Theme has limitation in customization and we don’t provide huge support for this. If anyone bought pro version then we provide full support and help to setup Website.

Here’s our Statistics for Free Product Downloads:


Till now we’ve around 200K+ Free Product Downloads.

wp-awesome-faq-plugin-wordpress-pluginsLet’s say I’m a newbie entrepreneur looking at starting my own website? Why should I get themes from you guys? What are the factors I should consider in picking my theme? How does a website’s design affect its performance?

As a newbie entrepreneur your need some guideline for making a best Website. We give you the best guideline for making a stand out Website and also tell you how to work. If you need extra customization we do it with a little price. We never charge too much for our customer. If you bought our Theme you will receive lifetime updates and Extremely well support. We always try to satisfy our customer and fix all problem ASAP because time is money.

As I said earlier, “Support is our Best Part”. If Clients happy, we are also happy 🙂

Lastly, do you optimize your themes for smartphones and tablets as well?

Yes, Of course. We Develop our Products with for any type of devices Supports including iPad, iPhone etc.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all our questions Liton. We wish you great success in your future endeavors.

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