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airVPNAirVPN was founded in 2010 by a group of activists and hackers dedicated to maintaining net neutrality throughout the internet. They have made quite the name for themselves in a short period of time as they have quickly become one of the most reliable and trustworthy virtual private networks in the world.

Features & Benefits

AirVPN went out their way to make sure that every feature their users could ever need is included with their services. These guys understand the virtual private network industry as well as anyone and every part of their service are dedicated to improving the user experience.

Here is a deeper look into the features and benefits that make AirVPN one of the best in the business:


One of the major benefits of going with AirVPN is that they are extremely transparent with absolutely everything that has to do with their services. From their about page to their description of what they can provide for you, they do not cut any corners when it comes to giving you information. This straight-forward communication can be quite refreshing in an industry that is built on somewhat extreme levels of privacy.


Truly Dedicated to the Anonymity of Users

In the same way that AirVPN is extremely transparent about their company, they also make it quite clear that they are truly dedicated to the anonymity of internet users. They are clearly passionate about what they do and let you know just how much effort they have put into making sure their services continue their overall mission to allow for the right to privacy.


One of the cooler features that AirVPN offers is their transparency reports. They give you the ability to see their statistics page that lists the servers that are currently running and tells you exactly how many users on each server. This is also very useful for checking to see if bandwidth or hardware may be maxed out in the near future. It should be noted that AirVPN is one of the only virtual private networks that allows you to opt-out of being a part of these reports if you so choose.

Configuration Options

While the high level of transparency is probably the main reason that AirVPN is one of the favorites of the industry, their configuration options are also up there as one of their main features. They basically allow you to route however you want and even have a custom mobile configuration file when using their services on mobile devices.

AirVPN configure


Just like a good umpire or referee, one of the true signs of a top notch virtual private network is that they go unnoticed when you are using their services. The speed and loading times are generally unaffected when using their network, regardless of whether you are streaming an HD video or downloading a file.


Obviously security is a major factor when searching for a virtual private network. AirVPN has you covered on this end as they provide a high level 258-bit AES encryption. Their services can also be used with the Tor network for even higher levels of security and privacy.

Works on Almost Any Device


Customer Support

The customer support for AirVPN is mostly done through their community forum. Their forum is one of the most highly active in the industry and their admins are regularly answering any and all questions from users. While they also offer a support ticket system that is customary for any network, you should not have any trouble finding what you are looking for in their forum.

It should also be noted that they have a rather small question and answer section where some of the most popular user issues are taken care of. Response times for ticket support are well above average for the industry.


If you really wanted to nitpick and find something not to like about AirVPN, you could probably say that they have a few too many features that are not explained thoroughly enough on their normal pages. This can make it fairly difficult for novice virtual private network users to understand how to set things up or how to configure the servers and network to meet their unique needs.

The thing that really combats this disadvantage, however, is the fact that their forum is so active. There are dozens of posts on a daily basis and anyone that knows how to type in a forum – which is hopefully everyone – can easily get answers to any question that they need.


Three Days One Month Three Months Six Months 1 Year
1 € 7 € 15 € 30 € 54 €
Trial Available Save 0% Save 28% (5€/month) Save 28% (5€/month) Save 35% (4.5€/month)
Premium until Feb. 5, 2016 Premium until March 2, 2016 Premium until May 2, 2016 Premium until Aug. 2, 2016 Premium until Feb. 2, 2017
Include all AirVPN features Include all AirVPN features Include all AirVPN features Include all AirVPN features Include all AirVPN features

The pricing on AirVPN can be a bit confusing if you are from America. They do not list their prices in US dollars so it should be pointed out here that the monthly price for their most popular plan is a little over $7.50/month. They also offer discounted options for 3-month, 6-month, and yearly plans, which is something that very few other virtual private network providers will do.

  • No traffic limit
  • No time limit
  • Three simultaneous connections per account
  • Unlimited and free server switches
  • High performance servers in many countries
  • No Maximum speed limit
  • Every protocol is welcome
  • Uses OpenVPN to establish the connection between your computer and their servers
  • Works on almost any device

  • Features are not properly explain on their website
  • Plans pricing are not in US dollars
  • Cons item

The Final Word

Overall, it would be difficult to find a more reliable and trustworthy virtual private network than AirVPN. These guys truly care about their users and show it through the incredibly high levels of transparency and helpfulness. They also offer extremely competitive pricing and take strict measures to ensure that you are only paying for what you use.

While the fact that they advertise themselves as hackers and activists can be a little scary to some, they clearly have your best interests in mind. You would certainly be doing yourself a favor to give them first crack if you are looking for a top notch virtual private network.

9.5 Total Score
Extremely Transparent, No Traffic Limit, Servers in Many Countries.

Provides access to all of its exit-nodes with high performance servers in many countries. Lacks information about their features.

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