BoldGrid Review: How to Create a Website with BoldGrid in WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular sources on the web to create a website. Whether you are a small business, blogger, or anything in between, WordPress offers you powerful tools to launch a new website.

The software is known for its flexibility, ease-of-use, user-friendliness, customization, and the SEO friendly features that it offers users. Once you create your WordPress website, you can optimize it for mobile friendliness that allows all of your users get a chance to view your website in a compatible form.

If you are looking for something other than the standard WordPress website though, one where you can utilize your webmaster knowledge, then you may want to consider a new WordPress website building tool known as BoldGrid.

BoldGridTruth be told, BoldGrid is not for everyone. You need to have some level of expertise if you are going to attain full use of the staging capabilities and most importantly – you must have patience. But if you are ready to jump in and challenge yourself, here is a review of BoldGrid and how you can start to create your own BoldGrid WordPress website. Alternatively, if you are a new website builder or simply a WordPress enthusiast, you can still use BoldGrid, but you may not be able to attain the full front of features that the application offers. To do so, you will need to learn some design and developing.

What is BoldGrid?

BoldGrid is a free premium web-site builder that you can attain through WordPress. The system is known for its drag-and-drop editors that enable you to build a stunning and responsive website for all of your web needs. The infrastructure is based upon WordPress, a content management system.

To use BoldGrid, you do not need any coding experience because of the tools that exist. In addition, one of the main advantages of using BoldGrid is that it enables you to have 100% ownership of your website.


When in operation, BoldGrid utilizes what is known as Automatic Underscores starter theme. This comes equipped with Boostrap 3 for simple styling. During the process of creating your own website, you can use the stunning templates and right on top of your existing WordPress website.

BoldGrid – Phases and Facts

BoldGrid is a unique type of system. It provides you with highly automated themes, pages, layouts, plugins, widgets, menus, icons, and written content. In addition to the standard types of features that you get with nearly every other website building tool, BoldGrid also is highly organized and the tools you receive enable the creation of a fully custom website.


There are two significant stages in the BoldGrid system. The first stage is the Inspiration Stage and the second stage is the Customization Phase. During the first phase, you can review the various website design pages that you want to use in your website. In most cases, you can base those designs upon the theme of your existing website. For example, you may find design pages for dental offices and decide that those websites comport with what you are looking for.


At the second Customization Phase, you get to implement functional features into your website that helps you generate content and other elements that are specific to your website.

Web Hosting First

To get started with BoldGrid, the first thing you need is a web hosting service. Not many web hosting services are compatible with BoldGrid. Therefore, to use it you will need to have an InMotion Hosting account. The hosting service offers BoldGrid as part of its premium package, which also comes equipped with other great features.

Once you register with InMotion’s web hosting plan and launch your WordPress website, you can tap into the pre-installed BoldGrid package to start taking advantage of everything that BoldGrid has to offer.

If you are ready to get started, here is an overview of a few of the steps that you need to take to start building your WordPress BoldGrid website.

How to Use BoldGrid


Getting started with BoldGrid after installation is pretty easy. Most users first comment that after installing the BoldGrid plugins, the left hand side bar is not as convenient to use. In addition to this alteration, here are a few helpful tips on how to use BoldGrid.

Installing BoldGrid

One of the main disadvantages with BoldGrid is that the installation process is not as easy as other types of systems. If you have further trouble after this guide, which hopefully you don’t, but if BoldGrid_inmotionyou do then you should contact the InMotion hosting site since it is the only server you can use when you have BoldGrid and WordPress.

To get started with BoldGrid you need a connector key. The connector key is what enables you to activate your BoldGrid plugin. Getting the connector key starts with logging into your Account Management Panel on InMotion hosting. Once you log into the panel, you go to the icon that is labeled “Account Technical Details.” Upon clicking on the icon, you will be able to view details related to your account.

Clicking on the icon also affects the address in the address bar, which is what is most pertinent to you. If you go to the address bar and look at the number at the end of the URL, you will notice a six digit number that resembles “123456.” After you copy the number, paste it to the end of this URL:

Of course, you will need to replace the ### symbols with the number. That should be pretty clear. After you replace the symbols, you can enter the URL. After you enter the URL, you will be directed to Download BoldGrid Plugin page.

Once you reach the page, you can click on Download BoldGrid Plugin. After you click on it, the download process will begin. On the very same page, you should also see a connector key under Step 3 of the page. The connector key should be saved to a secure location that you can access later.

Using the Connector Key

The steps only get easier from here since you now have the connector key. After you have everything squared away you can log into your dashboard and click on the Plugins section on the left hand menu. After you reach the left hand menu, you can click on “Add New Plugin” and then “Upload Plugin.” Next, click on Choose File under the BoldGrid plugin file that you downloaded earlier. The last few steps are to click on “Install Now” and then to “Activate” in order to get the plugin working.

Lastly, after you have the plugin activated, you will encounter a field that is located at the top of the page on how to use the connector key. After you click on the field, you go back to your connector key, paste it in the proper location, and submit.

Logging in and Changing the Side Bar

Apparently, BoldGrid thought it would be easier for users to change the sidebar for users upon installation. To revert back to the traditional look, all you need to do is implement a few easy steps. First, log into the BoldGrid interface and go to the “settings” section that is located on the left-hand sidebar menu. You should then see a “BoldGrid” feature pop up.

Upon clicking in BoldGrid, you will be directed to the settings page where you will find at the top of the page “Reorder Admin Menu” setting. Since the sidebar is what it is, the box should be checked. To change the current settings and revert back to the traditional form, uncheck the box and save the changes. If you do not like the traditional look of the side bar, then you can always go back to the same menu and undergo the same steps.

Familiarize Yourself with BoldGrid and WordPress

After you have tweaked the system to suit your own style for ease of use purposes, you can now familiarize yourself with BoldGrid and WordPress. We will implement some pictures to help you with the process.

The first step is to take a look at the dashboard, which is where you can manage your BoldGrid and WordPress processes.

BoldGrid and WordPress


On the dashboard, you will notice that there are the two BoldGrid phases that we discussed earlier: Inspiration and Customization. For a better look:

BoldGrid Inspiration

Once you click on the Inspiration or Customization tabs, you will encounter subsections. Since the Inspiration tab is the first one that you will be working with, you are given the option to “add new pages,” “install new themes,” or “install a new website.” Obviously, if you are looking to completely start a website from scratch, then you should click on “add a new page.” Alternatively, if you are looking to work on an existing site using BoldGrid, then you install a new website.

After you have your website setup, you can also work on Active Sites and Staging Sites – as you see below:

BoldGrid Staging Sites

How BoldGrid Compares to Others

Now that you know how BoldGrid works and how to get started with the application, one of the next questions that you probably have is how BoldGrid compares to other websites. After all, you can create your website on WordPress using other online tools.

Compared to other website builders that work with WordPress, BoldGrid is a great option because of its functionality, the multiple features that it offers, and the quality hosting that you get to use with it. For some people, the requirement of using InMotion hosting is a pretty negative one since they may have their own hosting service already. But on the bright side – InMotion hosting also offers quality web hosting services and options.


Those who use InMotion have hardly had any issues and the customer service provides you with excellent care if you have any inquiries. At the end of the day, it is safe to say that you really cannot go wrong with BoldGrid and InMotion hosting. Both of them are quality resources to help you get started building a beautiful and high-quality site for all of your needs – whether they are blogging, business, or anything in between.

Comparison Table

BoldGrid Squarespace Weeble Wix
WordPress Compatible
Number of Designs Thousands 25 125 1500
Easy to Build Process
Easily Change Design
Unlimited Pages
Free Domain
Build From Example Demo
Example Marketing Content
Full Ownership / Moveable
Full Hosting Account
Developer Friendly
Responsive or Adaptive Responsive Responsive Responsive Responsive

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Free domain
  • Thousands of state of state of the art designs and templates
  • Mobile optimization

  • Not easy to get started although the site builder is easy to use

BoldGrid Review – Overall

Overall, we love BoldGrid and we think that you will too. With the array of tools, the easy installation, and the secure system, you will be able to create a website for all of your needs. We hope that the tutorial has been helpful for you. If you do have further questions, then you can always reach out to the BoldGrid and the InMotion hosting pages. Those two websites are the primary sources of information regarding BoldGrid since it is a relatively new system that people are using. As it becomes more popular, there certainly should be more information about how people feel about the product as a whole.



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