BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN is a virtual private network that has made a name for themselves in the industry due to their clear commitment to creating a free internet. They have worked hard to create a true sense of community with their users and are regular contributors to the overall betterment of the VPN industry.

Features & Benefits

As far as features and benefits are concerned, BolehVPN does not really go out of their way to excel at any one thing. They do, however, provide everything a user needs to ensure that they can browse the internet in a private and secure manner.

Here is a look at some of the main features and benefits that BolehVPN provides:

Content Marketing

One of the interesting ways that BolehVPN has made themselves into a trusted virtual private network is through content marketing. They are one of the few VPNs that focus on developing a social media following and regularly publish blog articles related to the interests of their users. Most of the information is in the form of explaining exactly what different features do, which can be useful if you are new to VPNs and what they provide.


While you will not find too many VPNs that are difficult to setup, BolehVPN really emphasizes making it as easy as possible for users to quickly install and use their software. They provide extensive guides and how-to articles about the best ways to use their services and can even help novice users figure out how to best utilize their many configuration options.

Configuration Options

Experience VPN users will appreciate the many configuration options that BolehVPN offers. They allow you to choose which server works best for your current location and use secure encryptions and state-of-the-art hardware to ensure both security and speed when going through their network.


BolehVPN uses the trusted OpenVPN framework to provide a safe and secure service to all of their users. They have servers located in both the United States and Europe, allowing you to be sure that your IP address is never recognized or traced. Unfortunately they do not provide much information about what type of encryption that they use.

Customer Support

BolehVPN has taken a modern day approach to the customer support aspect of their business as they provide assistance to users in a multitude of different ways. They have a following on both Facebook and Twitter where they regularly answer any questions and concerns that users have.

They also have a variety of more private support options that include live chat and email. They even have an extremely active forum on their website where users and admins communicate regularly about different issues that they are having. Overall, their customer support does a great job of creating the feeling that both the user and the company are working together to deliver optimal service.


The biggest gripe with BolehVPN is that they do not currently have mobile software, which can be a deal breaker for some users. This is an issue that they have identified as something that they would like to offer in the future, however, especially as mobile usage continues to grow by the year.

Another slight issue with their services is their pricing options. They offer too many options and their free trial system can be kind of confusing. Overall, it does not really seem necessary to have 3-day, 7-day, and 30-day plan options. Some people, however, may actually enjoy the fact that they get to choose the plan that fits their needs the best.


The pricing that BolehVPN offers is interesting to say the least. They have five different plans available, all of which have the same features and benefits but vary in time commitment. The 3-day option is $3.70, the 30-day option is $9.99, the 60-day option is $16.99, the 180-day option is $44.99, and the 365-day option is $79.99.

While having so many options may be beneficial to some users, it is hard to say why they decided to go with such an odd array of time commitment options. They also offer a 1-day trial option, although you have to request it through their customer support for them to set you up with it.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, BolehVPN is a highly secure virtual private network that features plenty of quality configuration options for users to customize their experience. They are a solid option for users with little experience dealing with VPNs and those that have been using these private networks for years.

While their pricing options may be a bit out of the ordinary, the community aspect that they offer is a welcome addition to the virtual private network industry. You could certainly do much worse than giving their network a shot.

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