eHost Review Update: RIP. Drama In The Comments

Update: eHost has closed and is no longer accepting new customers. See below for details and for better hosting options you may wish to compare.

eHost was a budget hosting brand that grew too fast from 2015-2016. Unfortunately they failed to scale their infrastructure and support staff to handle their rapid growth. This created an inconsistent customer experience. With so many refunds and cancellations, they couldn’t continue operation.

Since 2008, I’ve tested dozens of web hosting providers, with a focus on affordable, entry level plans under $10/month.

Very few companies have managed to grow to an Inc 500 size while maintaining high standards in performance, reliability and customer support AND keeping their pricing super competitive.

BlueHost may be worth checking out, as they’ve been in business since 2003 and offer fast, reliable hosting with industry-leading customer support with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t have a BlueHost account yet, use this link to get the special $3.95/month pricing.

If you would like to shop around more, HostGator and iPage are worth comparison too.

I’ve received an accelerating number of negative reviews from frustrated eHost customers. This caused them to lose their high ratings in Support and Value categories of my review and rating system. Due to high negative feedback, I could not longer recommend eHost, period.

With that said, I don’t want to lose all the content on this page for SEO reasons, so I’m leaving the bulk of my original eHost review here below.

Since 2008, I’ve tested and interviewed dozens of web hosting providers under $10/month. eHost provided a good hosting experience for me, but unfortunately they really went downhill in late 2016 and shut down.

Here were a few good things about eHost in their prime (RIP):

  • Affordable: eHost offers competitive pricing and frequent promotions/discounts (currently 50% off. Also, you get a discount if you pay for a longer plan up front.
  • They also offered a 45 day money back guarantee. Quick story…I actually had to use the guarantee once already. You see, I accidentally made a typo in my domain name I signed up with, so I asked them to cancel and refund my purchase. I received the credit back on my Amex card within the same week, so that boosted my confidence in them. I’ve created two accounts since then for testing purposes.
  • Free Domain Name For life: Most hosting providers give you a free domain name only for the first year, and you have to pay $10-$20 per year after that. eHost gave customers a free domain for life so you wouldn’t have any domain renewal fees each year. Well, so much for that, since they’re gone now.
  • Flexible: They offered both cPanel hosting and an excellent drag-and-drop website builder that came with over 1,000 templates that actually look fresh and current.
  • Great value for money: When I compared eHost to others in the space at the time, I can’t help but feel eHost offered premium value for money. Competitors did well to update their website builder offerings to be at least on par with eHost’s… Back then, nobody had templates that look as good as eHost’s did, except for maybe SquareSpace. Since then, so much has changed and thanks to page builders like Elementor, you can easily make a site on WordPress using a drag and drop interface that is truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG).

    Yes, I list positive things about eHost above. However, I always recommend you compare to other popular companies like BlueHost, iPage or HostGator. You can also see my review of iPage here, as well as my review of HostGator.

No product or service is perfect. But even at their prime, eHost was imperfect in some unnecessary/weird ways, as you’ll see below in my list of pros and cons…

  • Free Domain For Life
  • 45-Day Money Back Guarantee with no weird stipulations or hidden fees.
  • $200 Free Advertising Credits
  • Excellent Customer Support – even their live chat support (real people who actually help you)
  • Offers cPanel Hosting and a great Website Builder

  • No incoming domain transfers.
  • You couldn’t preview their free templates before you signed up for an account. This makes no sense to me, as their templates looked great and more people would buy accounts if they could see before they buy.
  • They specialized in shared hosting only. So if you are looking for high-end dedicated or VPS servers, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • eHost stopped offering a monthly payment option on May 1st, 2016. Now they want you to pay for 1 year or more up front. If you prefer month-to-month payment with no contract, I recommend you check out HostGator as they offer month-to-month payment options on all their plans. I use HostGator for several of my sites, and I recommend them. Plus, they also offer a 45-day money back guarantee.

Before we proceed… here’s the biggest FAQ I receive:

Q: Should I use eHost’s website builder or cPanel for my website?

A: To me, eHost’s website builder platform was impressive. It was clean, had nice templates, and was easy to use. I just personally never use or recommend website builders. I wouldn’t tell my friends to use one.

In fact, I always recommend that my clients use WordPress. eHost’s cPanel hosting plan included automatic WordPress setup, so with a few clicks, you would have a WordPress site set up and ready to start customizing.  The best thing about WordPress is that you can do anything with it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to…

  • Sell physical products in an online shop
  • Sell digital products
  • Show off your art or music portfolio
  • Launch your own marketing agency website
  • Build a great website for a local business like a cafe, gym or restaurant

… I still recommend WordPress on cPanel hosting, because you can do all of these things relatively easily, most likely using all free plugins.

Compare that to any website builder platform… Website builders all restrict you to whatever features and capabilities they feel like offering you. Also, if you make a website on a website builder platform, and then you decide you wanna change hosts or migrate to some other platform, you can’t. It’s stuck there.

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Back In Time: A Tour Of My Old eHost Account

So, when you login to your eHost account, and click “create a new site,” you will be given two options:

choose hosting type

In the sections below, I’ve created walkthrough videos so you can see what the eHost platform looks like, how smoothly it works, and how to set up your site.

I’ll cover both types:

1cPanel hosting – Normal web hosting you can use to host anything from a blog to an online store to a business website and more. Totally didn’t mean to make that rhyme haha…
2Drag-and-drop website builder – What you see on the screen is what your site looks like. The interface is terrific as well.

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cPanel Hosting (I recommend you choose this instead of a website builder)

The biggest concern when hosting a website for new owners is ease-of-use. When you sign up with any web hosting company, you want everything to be straight forward and easy. That’s why cPanel hosting is a great option.

cPanel offers the most robust and organized control panel of all hosting platforms. The icons are easy to identify and most options are intuitive. This type of control panel works well with WordPress, HTML5 and can work to set up a website, store or just a simple blog. It’s here that you’ll find FTP that works with most web developing programs.  It also offers MySQL options for CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress.

Two great cPanel hosts worth considering are BlueHost and HostGator. They both offer affordable hosting with cPanel control panel and easy WordPress setup.

The video below shows you how to make a great first website with WordPress on HostGator. However, because we’re using WordPress, it doesn’t matter whether you choose BlueHost or Hostgator – you can still follow the video since setting up WordPress and customizing your site is the same across any host.

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eHost’s Website Builder was good for its time

You may have noticed that I’m a fan of iPage hosting. After all, HostingReviewBox started life as collection of tutorials for using their hosting.

Here’s the thing…

As you may have seen in my review of iPage, their hosting is popular and they have a solid business history. However, when eHost was popular, iPage’s website builder was still outdated compared to eHost. Thankfully they have updated to a new version of Weebly since then. But like I’ve said, thanks to free page builders like Elementor and the many great free WordPress themes, you can get the drag-and-drop website builder experience on WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world… So using a walled-garden website builder like SquareSpace is just restricting yourself for no reason.

More and more people are using free page builder plugins with WordPress to create beautiful websites from scratch.

What you see on the screen is what you get when you view your website, so there’s no guessing, doing something and hoping it works.

Since the WordPress world now has so much to offer in terms of easy website builder tools, closed ecosystem website builders are just dated.

Anyway, back to eHost: Below you can see a preview of the website builder on my old eHost test account.

eHost's site builder

Unlike competitors such as iPage, FatCow and others, eHost offered the following unique benefits:

  • eHost’s site builder came with over 1,000 FREE templates.
  • eHost’s templates were fresh and current with contemporary web design and user experience trends.

Check out my video tour of eHost’s site builder in the quick, 10 minute video below:

Tip: I still stand by my strong recommendation that you choose cPanel hosting (BlueHost or HostGator are a couple good picks to research) and use WordPress to make a great looking site with all the features you could ever need.

Now, let’s take a look at the other details about eHost’s offerings, terms, policies, and what makes them unique, etc…

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Domain Name Cost Details

eHost claimed to offer a Free Domain name, just like most other hosting providers. But did that really mean free?

Most hosting companies offer the free domain name with your hosting package, but after your first year you usually get charged from between $15 to $20 to keep the domain name.

eHost offered something unique: All eHost accounts included a free domain forever.

Every plan had a free domain at eHost, at least for as long as you kept the service. If you did ever transfer your website to another hosting company, you would have needed to pay the appropriate fees to that new web hosting company of course.

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What Made eHost Unique (before they failed)

It’s clear that the eHost team seemed to focus on three key factors, important to every webmaster, large or small.

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Great support with 24 hour telephone support 7 days a week. Best of all, phone support is centered in Canada and U.S. which means you won’t get foreign support with accents that are difficult to understand.
  • Website building features that make building any website easier for both the inexperienced and experienced user.


Every hosting package had one of the highest level of security (malware scans, etc) with of course, 24-hour network monitoring. This is important for sites that need to keep personal information safe guarded; ideal for securing credit card data and personal information.


eHost had continual automated backup features for all servers. These ran once a week but were only stored a week at a time. Even so, I don’t recommend relying solely on your hosting provider for backups. You should set up your own backups using a free WordPress plugin such as WP BackItUp.

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Uptime + Money Back Guarantees

  • eHost had a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you experienced less than 99.9% uptime for your site, eHost claimed to offer you a one month account credit.
  • 45-Day Money back Guarantee: eHost offered a longer than average 45-day money back guarantee. If you decided for any reason that eHost just isn’t for you, they’ll refund all your money back. No weird stipulations or hidden fees. At least that was my experience with testing the signup-and-refund experience within the 45 day window.
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After years of reviewing web hosting providers, I had felt that eHost was refreshing.

I even personally had a good experience with the three accounts I set up…

  • One long term test account on which I maintained a WordPress website and didn’t request a refund for.
  • One account which I purposely selected Website Builder instead of cPanel and then contacted them to say I meant to get a cPanel account, and asked for a refund… and I got a full refund within a few days.

I had no downtime, the customer service chat wait was never more than a few minutes, and I got people who could actually answer questions instead of just submit a ticket for me… So I felt…

  • eHost gave exactly what they offered
  • There were no hidden fees for me
  • No “FREE” offers that weren’t really free.
  • They offered a monthly payment option so you weren’t forced to pay for 1 year or more up front.

But then things really went downhill. Check the customer comments below on this page and you’ll see they started out positive but then a flood of horror stories came in from very frustrated customers. The only host we’ve received worse feedback for is Aabaco, who actually has a class-action lawsuit against them right now for their billing practices.

So, if you are looking for a full-featured, easy to use web hosting service with no restrictions and real value, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Thankfully there are many other hosts who have stood the test of time, with decades in business and affordable plans you may be interested in comparing.

BlueHost and HostGator are two of our top picks who offer affordably-priced plans and competitive features.

BlueHost (

  • Shared: best for beginner bloggers, $ (most affordable)
  • WordPress-Optimized: best for WordPress sites with significant traffic, $$
  • VPS: more control and scalability, $$$
  • Dedicated Servers: complete control and scalability, $$$$

HostGator (

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eHost Closed Permanently

eHost was a budget hosting brand that grew too fast from 2015-2016. Unfortunately they failed to scale their infrastructure and support staff to handle their rapid growth.

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  1. Reply
    Amy December 3, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    A few months ago I purchased a 3 year hosting plan through eHost which came with a free domain name for life. I was initially very happy with my purchase, that was until I was told they were moving their service to iPage and despite signing and paying for a 3 year contract that I would now be charged an annual fee for the domain name for the remaining 2 years of the contract.

    I contacted support and they were of little help. They essentially told me they couldn’t do anything for me despite the fact they were breaking contract.

    Had they fulfilled the original contract which included 3 years of hosting with a free domain name, I would have nothing but good things to say.

    In good faith I cannot recommend signing up with eHost or iPage given this is how they treat their customers and their contracts.

  2. Reply
    Herbert October 21, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    I have been an eHost customer for over two years. In the last week they have moved my domain to another server without warning me prior to the move. I have now LOST ALL MY EMAIL accounts. They will not give me a plain English answer to my problems. I am still entitled to hosting & support for another 13 months but think I should cut my loses and go elsewhere.

  3. Reply
    Debora May 20, 2017 at 4:32 pm


    Can I give it 0 stars?

    It might be good if you won’t EVER decide to cancel your plan!

    I have moved to another state and haven’t been providing my services anymore. So I requested to cancel my plan – this way I wouldn’t be paying for something I have not been using.

    But no!

    They won’t cancel my plan! The only thing they did was stopping the annual automatic renewal which for me would be in September. We are now in May and I will have to throw my money in the garbage until September!

    They treat their plans as products, not service. They say they offer a 30 days money back guarantee, like if somebody who signs up for a website plan just decides it doesn’t work within the first 30 days… THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT, IT IS A PLAN SERVICE!

    Anywhere else would cancel the plan and give back the remaining balance! For instance, I have just cancelled my Costco account and this is how they did it!

    Ehost plans sounds more like a scam!

    Besides, what a terrible email account they provide!

    I will never sign up for ehost again. I have another website with Wix and man… 1000000000000000 better!

    Runaway from this host! Seriously!

    + PROS: ...
    - CONS: All of above!
  4. Reply
    Roly Luis March 8, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    I subscribed on 2/24/17, cancelled immediately when I found out eHost pushed me into two plans. Until now, eHost has not refunded me, $200 of money, an unjust enrichment. I am to complain to ICANN, to CA Consumer Protection, before going to Small Claims Court, I will also review eHost of my terrible experience on refund. What is terrible is the way eHost will issue you a ticket number for an issue, and when you follow that issue up eHost will issue you another ticket, and so ad nauseam, they do warn that making duplicate complaint will prolong the process. I believe that eHost is doing me a legal wrong, for withholding my refund.

  5. Reply
    James January 30, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Customer support is absolutely the worse. I have spent more time on hold than talking to someone. When I went to cancel redundant add ons they actually cancelled two of my entire websites! I am fed up with eHost. I have been hung up on and have had help tickets created that have never been responded to. I’ve never spoken to an actual native english speaker. I have currently, as I write this, been on hold for 20 minutes. DONE.

  6. Reply
    Michael Kennerson December 16, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    its sucks

  7. Reply
    Jeff Billing December 2, 2016 at 11:42 pm

    Only just starting but so far I have received nothing but 5 star help.

  8. Reply
    John Mc Nabb November 5, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    I have used eHosts and would never ever use them again. They are a screwup hosting service. Every time they would do something to fix a problem they would screw up. They deleted my web site because they canceled the wrong service, more than once. My Chrome crashed all the time and they could not fix that. If your website is in any way use full, then don’t use ehosts.

    WARNING WARNING stay away from eHosts, putting a PC in the garage would be safer.

    + PROS: When it's working it's OK
    - CONS: Every time they would do something they screwed up, took my live website off the air several times and took days to get it back. All the time I had it they couldn't fix the chrome crashing problem.
  9. Reply
    Ron September 22, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Be wary of Ehost. I bought a domain and have had nothing but sales calls since. I called into their contracted india support today to ask them why they do this and that they hadn’t made it clear they did this to customers. The nice nobody on the phone said she would flag this call for managers to review it, but of course they are out playing golf. So no managers are there to talk to. Nice on hold tactic though making it seem like she was really looking for a manager. Because Then she went on and assured me they don’t sell or give out my contact information. So later today I get yet another phone call, this is like 9 or so, asking me if I’d like Web designing help. I have turned them all down, but they keep coming. I asked this time, I was curious, where did you get my number from 888 number calling me for web design. She said, oh, the company you bought your domain through partners with us so we call you to offer. NEVER BUYING ANOTHER DOMAIN FROM EHOST AND AM TRANSFERING AS SOON AS MY CONTRACT IS OUT.

  10. Reply
    Jeremy July 9, 2016 at 1:51 am

    I just signed up for the hosting service which included a “Free Domain”. Paid for 3 years upfront. The worst experience I’ve ever had with a hosting service. Somehow my account defaulted to “Website Builder” I’m in a time crunch to have a website up and now it could possibly take up to 72 hours for me to gain access to the CPanel. To top it off they’re now holding the domain name I needed to use, for the year. So if I cancel service with them I’ll have the inconvenience of now maintaining two separate accounts with to different companies for one website.

  11. Reply
    Janek January 23, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    I have been an ehost customer for just over a month now, and they’ve been fine for me. Nothing special or amazing, just gets the job done.

    If you are considering the website builder, just know that as with other website builder services, you are limited to 1 site per account. That’s why I’m using ehost’s cPanel hosting, since I can host all my websites on that one account.

    …hope it helps someone.

    + PROS: cPanel has everything I needed. Hosting is reasonably fast for shared hosting. Chat support agents are real technicians, not just just ticket submitters who waste your time.
    - CONS: One time I had to wait over FIVE minutes to talk to someone in chat support, which sucked because my question only took like 30 seconds to answer..
  12. Reply
    PatrickB November 10, 2015 at 3:14 am

    I haven’t interacted with their support people in the year or so I’ve been with eHost, so I couldn’t rate the support. I hope that is ok and my review will still be published.

    My experience with eHost has been excellent since I first signed up with them in December 2014. I see a few isolated reviews online from people saying they signed up and their account never started working, so they had to get a refund and move on.

    So it sounds like while I’ve had a great experience, eHost is having growing pains so their customer experience isn’t 100% consistent. This seems to be common with larger entry-level/budget hosts.

    + PROS: cPanel is easy to use, and you can host multiple separate websites on one account. Never had downtime issue since starting Dec 2014.
    - CONS: None so far

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