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InMotion is a web host located in California that was founded in 2001. Since that time, they have developed a strong reputation for the high level of service, stability, and scalability that they offer to users. Their Shared Business Hosting Plans are among the most trusted in the industry and are also priced very reasonably.

inmotion_logoThe three Shared Business Hosting Plans that InMotion offers includes Launch, Power, and Pro. All three plans offer quite a few features to help small business owners grow their company digitally, although there are some significant differences between the three.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions that users may have when deciphering which option is the best fit:

What is the Pricing Structure for Each Plan?



The Launch Plan is offered at $7.99/month, the Power Plan is $9.99/month, and the Pro Plan is $15.99/month. All three plans are offered with a first month discount and further savings can be had for users that make the decision to commit to a 24 or 36 month term.

Plan Comparison

Launch Power Pro
SSD Included Free
MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases 2 50 Unlimited
Disk Space (GB) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Transfers Included (GB) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websites on 1 Account 2 6 Unlimiited
Free Domain Registration or Transfer
FREE* No-Downtime Website Transfers
FREE Data Backups Inlcluded Included Included
24/7 x 365 US-Based Support
90-Day Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included
Free Advertising Credits $250 $250 $250
Free Website Builder
Max Speed Zones™ Enabled Enabled Enabled
Pro Level Support
E-Commerce Ready
PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python
SSH Access
WP-CLI Enabled
Easy Google Apps Integration
Business-Class Hardware
Easy Control Panel
Over 310 Free Applications
WordPress, PrestaShop, or Joomla Preinstalled
Safe Application Roll-Back
Parked Domains 6 26 Unlimited
Sub Domains 25 100 Unlimited
SPAM Safe Email with IMAP Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. InMotion actually offers a 90-day money back guarantee for all of their business hosting packages. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning they are awfully confident that InMotion_90-Day_Money_Guaranteeyou will be satisfied with the hosting services that they provide.

Is a Free Domain Included?

Yes. All three plans include a free domain name. Obviously premium domains would not be included with this free offer.

How Many Websites are Allowed on Each Account?

Launch Plan users have the ability to put up to 2 websites on their account while the Power Plan allows for up to 6. Users that go with the Pro option will have the ability to create an unlimited number of websites. The Pro plan is the only one that allows for unlimited sub domains as well. The Launch plan includes a maximum of 25 sub domains while the Power plan enables up to 100 sub domains.

Are Free Website Transfers Included?

Yes. InMotion offers up to three free website transfers for all three of their shared business hosting plans. Unfortunately, however, free transfers are only offered for cPanel accounts. If you wish to transfer more than three accounts or websites, the price is only $10/each. Interestingly enough, the InMotion staff is able to complete all transfers with little to no downtime so you can get right to work growing your website.

How Much Disk Space is Available for Each Plan?

Unlimited. This is one of the unique features of InMotion as very few web hosts offer unlimited disk space for their shared hosting plans.

Are SSD Drives Included With All Three Plans?

InMotion_SSD_DrivesYes. The Launch, Power, and Pro plans all include an SSD that helps to deliver increased performance and reliability, especially when compared to a mechanical hard drive.

Is Premium Customer Support Available?

For Launch and Power plan users, you will only have access to the standard customer support. The Pro plan, however, comes with Pro Level Support. Standard support includes 24/7/365 assistance via live chat, email, and phone support. For Pro Level Support, users receive assurance that their uptime will be at 99.9%.

Are All Three Plans E-Commerce Ready?

No. The Launch plan is not e-commerce ready. Both the Power and Pro plans are.

What Control Panel is Used?

InMotion uses cPanel for all of their shared business hosting plans. With this control panel, you are able to easily manage and navigate between the different domains registered to your account. You can also choose to use their premium website builder which is known as one of the more easy-to-use options in the industry.


How Many Applications are Available?

One of the huge advantages of going with InMotion is that they offer over 310 free applications. These apps include everything from Moodle and Drupal to Open Blog and Open Cart. WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop are all already preinstalled with each plan.

Are Free Data Backups Included?

Yes. All of the Shared Business Hosting options that InMotion offers include free data backups. This is somewhat of a rarity in the web hosting industry as most other web hosts charge an additional monthly fee for this service.

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Compared with Others

InMotion HostGator BlueHost Arvixe GoDaddy
Solid-State Drives - -
PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python
Max Speed Zones
Easy Google Apps Integration
Free Automated Data Backups - - -
Free 1-Click Application Auto-Installer - -
Better Business Bureau A+ A+ A+ A+ A+
Custom Ratings (Positive/Negative) +96/0 +63/-3 +18/-23 +2/-21 +42/-59
Money Back Guarantee 90 Days 45 Days 30 Days 60 Days 45 Days
() Ideal (-) Less than Ideal () Unacceptable

  • SSD Included Free
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • 90-days money back guarantee
  • Free and easy to use drag-and-drop website builder
  • Has more  than 310 applications
  • Enable to collaborate using multiple FTP accounts

  • No Windows server
  • Basic looking website builder

The Final Word

Overall, the value provided by all three of InMotion’s Shared Business Hosting plans is outstanding. Each plan offers many things on an unlimited basis, although the Pro Plan is the only option that allows for unlimited sub domains.

With the small difference in monthly pricing, the Pro Plan is definitely the most recommended option for small businesses looking to grow their company digitally. The Launch Plan, on the other hand, is generally only recommended as an option to get started building an online presence.

While the Power Plan is the most popular for small businesses, the unlimited capabilities associated with the Pro Plan make it a great option when looking for a reliable shared business hosting service. And, with the 90-day money back guarantee, there is certainly very little risk with giving InMotion’s plans a try.

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Pro

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Pro

SSD Included FREE, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Websites on 1 Account

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-20% InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Power

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Power

SSD Included FREE, Unlimited Disk Space, 6 Websites on 1 Account

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$9.99 $7.99

-25% InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Launch

InMotion Shared Business Hosting Plan – Launch

SSD Included FREE, Unlimited Disk Space, 2 Websites on 1 Account

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$7.99 $5.99

9.2 Total Score
FREE SSD Drives, More than 300 Free Applications, 90-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Free SSD Drives are inluded fee in all of the plans. Allows users to choose, install, and manage from the over 300 free applications provided. Provides longer than the normal money back guarantee which is 90 days. Website builder is basic-looking.

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