Jumpline In-Depth Review

A web hosting provider can help you establish a strong presence online. It can either make or break your goal to creating a professional website that will drive in large volumes of traffic. This goes without saying that choosing a web host is a very important part of your strategy. The problem here is that there are not just ten web hosting providers, but TENS OF THOUSANDS of companies, all of which are vying for your attention and tempting you with “cheap and reliable” hosting packages. So how can you separate the web hosting wheat from the chaff? It’s not that you can check all of them, right?

Enter Jumpline, a web hosting company that claims to host millions of websites since its inception. They’ve probably caught your attention with their lucrative web hosting offers. Indeed, they’re one of the more popular web hosts in the market, but since they’re just one of the many in the field, do they really have anything to offer that makes them stand out from the competition?

In this Jumpline in-depth review, I’m going to talk about the company’s popular hosting packages, pricing, uptime and performance, customer support, as well as features. Right now, you can even get 50% off on all web hosting plans. But is it really worth it? Let’s find out!

Jumline Web Hosting – What’s Their Story?

LogoJumpline was established in 1997, in Columbus, Ohio. They have been offering web hosting services for well over a decade, putting their clients’ needs as a top priority. The company continues its efforts to improve on an already impressive infrastructure, and is on a constant lookout for the best providers who can partner with them in their mission to build a powerful web hosting platform. They also offer an ever expanding library of web applications for use with their client sites, now totaling over 40 useful applications.

Today, Jumpline hosts over 150,000 websites for thousands of individuals and businesses that want to have a powerful image online. They try their very best to provide that perfect web hosting environment that’s ideal for beginners and advanced users alike.

Jumpline Web Hosting Plans

Jumpline offer services that are similar to those offered by many other web hosting providers, including shared, VPS, and cloud-based hosting plans. But what really makes them stand out from the competition is that each of their plan comes with support for the ever-popular cPanel control panel, which is the most powerful and highly customizable hosting platform available in the market.

IntroWhat’s more, all their plans are currently 50% off! There aren’t many web hosts that have such a lucrative offer, and this alone will make you want to sign up with them. Be it shared hosting, VPS, or Cloud-based hosting solutions, you know you can get started at an awesome price.

Shared Hosting Plans

SharedJumpline offer shared web hosting packages which are simply called “Web Hosting”. You can choose from 3 different packages: Stacked, Layered, and Expanded. The differences with these plans lie on the disk space and bandwidth allocation, as well as the number of email accounts.

Web Hosting is ideal for beginners and small business owners who want to build a simple blog or website. Each shared hosting plan comes with robust features like the Softaculous one-click applications installer, multiple FTP accounts, multiple email accounts, and more.

You can pay on a monthly basis, but take note that it is more expensive compared to signing up for a yearly plan. Additionally, the 50% discount is only valid for those who opt for their annual agreement.

The plans and prices are as follows:

Monthly Agreement $10.35/month $15.45/month $20.65/month
Annual Agreement (50% OFF) $5.14/month $7.72/month $10.30/month
Disk Space 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Email Accounts 100 150 200
Dedicated IP Address Available Available Available
FTP Accounts 10 15 20
Virtual Hosts 10 15 20
SSL Support
cPanel Control Panel
24/7 Customer Support

Besides the features listed above, you can also purchase add-ons with their shared hosting plans. You can buy a dedicated IP address for $3 a month, add 50 GB bandwidth for $5 a month, and SSL Certificates for $50 a month. They’re a bit more expensive compared to the competition though, so if you think you can get away with the features that are already included with the package, you probably don’t need to spend more money on these add-ons.

Jumpline have pretty good offers here but if you compared it with other web hosts like BlueHost, their hosting plans are more expensive, even with the 50% discount. What’s more, they’ve placed strict limits with the amount of disk space and bandwidth you’ll get, as well as the number of email accounts. Additionally, they don’t provide a free domain, as well as eCommerce solutions, and ad credits. This is disappointing, considering that these features are pretty standard and are usually included in packages offered by other web hosts.

What I like about their shared hosting plans, though, is that they give you access to the cPanel control panel, so managing your account and websites is a lot easier and more convenient. Some web hosts will just leave you with a custom web-based control panel, which is often more bothersome than helpful.

SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPSJumpline doesn’t just offer VPS, they have more powerful SSD VPS hosting plans that protect and isolate your data for optimum security. It’s the perfect middle ground hosting solution between shared hosting and cloud hosting. It’s build on top-of-the-line solid state drives, where you have access to enterprise-grade hardware for your site to run at its optimum performance. It has low latency and no moving parts, which is a great alternative to traditional mechanical drives. You can easily upgrade, too. You can start small and scale your VPS hosting package to fit the needs of your growing business.

FeaturesYou can choose from 3 different packages, all of which come with 4 CPU cores, and generous bandwidth and RAM allocation. You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly. If you want to save more money, however, it’s best to go for their quarterly agreement.

VPS 1024 VPS 2048 VPS 4096
Monthly Agreement $30.95 $41.25 $51.65
Quarterly Agreement $46.43 $61.88 $77.38
Disk Space 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB 400 GB 500 GB
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Included IPs 1 2 2
Control Panel SolusVM SolusVM SolusVM

Their prices for SSD VPS hosting are pretty great, but you’ll need to pay an additional $15 a month in order to get a cPanel or Plesk license. You can also opt to get a cPanel/WHM bundle with WHMCS for $30 a month. Unfortunately, their SSD VPS plans don’t include free backups. If you need one, you’ll have to pay $30 more per month.

Jumpline’s SSD VPS plans are reasonably priced, and are almost on-par with many other top names in the web hosting industry. But once you line them up for comparison, you’ll notice that Jumpline offers significantly lower bandwidth and RAM allocation.  If these are important factors to you, it’s best to check out other web hosts first and make a comparison before deciding to purchase a hosting plan with them.

SSD Cloud Hosting

Jumpline doesn’t offer dedicated server hosting at the moment, but they do offer flexible and affordable Cloud Hosting plans. If you’ve outgrown your shared hosting platform and you need more room for your growing business and website, this is the perfect solution for you. It’s a versatile system that supports Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD servers, giving you options that can work for any company.


With Cloud Hosting, you’ll get 4 powerful CPU cores, fast SSD hard disks, and plenty of RAM and bandwidth. Here are more benefits and features you will get if you sign up for a Cloud Hosting plan:


  • Lightning-fast SSDs. Jumpline’s cloud hosting environment runs on cutting-edge SSDs that ensure your servers and applications are always up and running.
  • Scalable. You can easily scale up anytime, thanks to a flexible environment that allows you to be in total control over your server.
  • Industry-leading backup systems. Jumpline conducts free weekly backups so you no longer have to worry about losing data. For more intensive projects, they also provide daily backup solutions.
  • No contract needed. This web host gives you plenty of options and won’t tie you down with a contract. They’ll provide you with scalable and flexible cloud hosting without a contract, if that’s what you desire.
  • Redundant storage. Thanks to Jumpline’s highly redundant architecture, your servers and applications will run as though they’re fail-proof.
  • Guaranteed CPU. Jumpline have guaranteed their CPU cycles so you know you always have the resources you need. When CPUs are not used, you can quickly capture that processing power.
  • Add cPanel/WHM. With cPanel/WHM installed onto your server, you’ll can easily create and manage your hosting account and websites. Productivity has never been so great!
  • Extra IP address. Each server comes with one free IP address. You can get more at an additional cost. If you need less, you can simple scale down.

With a plan as flexible, scalable, and undeniably powerful as Jumpline’s Cloud Hosting, you can create the perfect plan that best suits your business. With a fast and feature-rich hosting package like this one, your business will have the competitive advantage. Contact Jumpline to get a quote today!

Creating a WordPress Blog with Jumpline

Sadly, Jumpline doesn’t offer managed WordPress hosting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transfer an existing WordPress site or create a new one with this hosting platform. Thanks to the Softaculous auto-installer, you can install WordPress with just a single click! Besides WordPress, you can also install over 300 applications and scripts. You can access Softaculous from cPanel, which is included with each hosting account.

If you wish to back up your WordPress database, you can do so in a pretty straightforward way using the handy tool called phpMyAdmin, which is available through the cPanel. Just click on the phpMYAdmin icon in the Database section of your cPanel, click on the database you wish to back up, and select the “Export” tab at the top of the screen.


This process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your database. You can use the downloaded SQL file at any time whenever you need to restore or migrate your WordPress website.

If you’re not comfortable with this process or are not familiar with phpMyAdmin, don’t worry because you could also back up your database within your WordPress admin panel. Just head to the WordPress dashboard, go to Tools –> Export –> All Content, and then click the download export file. Doing so will download a XML file to your computer. This file has all the contents of your WordPress site, including posts, pages, comments, custom post types, tags, categories, as well as users.

cPanel Control Panel

cPanel1Jumpline provides the industry-standard control panel, cPanel, with their hosting plans. cPanel is the control panel partner of Jumpline; providing easy-to-use tools and features that make website management a breeze, even for novice webmasters.

With cPanel, you have access to more than 35 different functions which can be further broken down into file management, email administration, disk space usage, website statistics, web forums, online system security, billing, and a whole lot more besides. What’s more, it comes built with Webalizer, which is an excellent website analytics tool that provides a deep analysis of the traffic your website receives. Besides this, you can also install 300+ applications via the Softaculous one-click installer. cPanel even supports popular programming languages and database systems such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, and FTP.

My only concern with Jumpline is that you must first pay an additional $15 a month for the cPanel license. This will give you access to the control panel, which already comes pre-installed with their plans. It’s a pretty good investment but if you’re really on a tight budget and you don’t want to spend on add-ons and extras, it’s best to just look somewhere else.

Uptime and Performance – Is Jumpline Reliable?


Jumpline is confident that their infrastructure is capable of delivering maximum uptime to their client’s websites. From their website, you can see that they constantly monitor their servers and update their clients with the latest server uptime stats. They also show the current status of any known issues, as well as updates on any known maintenance or outage.

UptimeJumpline promise 99.9% uptime, and from the looks of it, they seem to be able to deliver and stand up to their promise. Their servers run quite fast and they’re reliable. Their uptime track record is about the same as any other web hosting provider – if not better.

Since December 28, there were no downtimes recorded, as shown in the following charts:

Uptime1This goes to show that they not only delivered on their promise, they’ve even exceeded it, with a solid 100% uptime!


To the highest level of reliability and hosting performance, Jumpline uses the bst Dell PowerEdge servers, featuring 32 GB of memory, 64-bit Opteron cores, RAID 10 drives, and dual power supplies. Backed by such a powerful machine, your website and data can be delivered to your site visitors instantly, with the highest level of stability.

For maximum reliability and security, Jumpline have also deployed advanced facilities, including redundant power units, climate control, security system, and around-the-clock monitoring which ensure all server machines are working properly.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Jumpline is confident you will find the best web hosting services with them, at prices that you can easily afford. But this doesn’t mean you’re entirely sold out, which is why they are offering new customers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can cancel your account within the first 30 days of service.

Take note that, if you wish to cancel your account, you must do so before your next bill date to avoid being charged for additional terms of service. Unfortunately, Jumpline currently do no offer prorate refunds. This means that once they receive payment from your account, it will be considered under contract for the service they’ve provided for that particular term.

24/7 Customer Support

Like most other aspects of this web host, their support system is slightly above average. You can get in touch with a customer care representative through several methods, including telephone and email. They do offer live chat, but it’s only for sales and learning more about their product offerings. It would have been a great addition, especially for those who require help in case of emergencies. A ticket system would have been a welcome addition, too.


I was able to get in touch with a customer rep via phone support several times during the day. As for their live chat service, it’s not available 24/7 as advertises. In fact, it’s only available during business hours. Their customer reps are friendly and knowledgeable, and I could tell that they have undergone some form of training in order to provide quality service and support to their clients.

But as with any other web host, there have been a few issues regarding customer support at Jumpline. There were a number of complains about lengthy hold and response times, and there were reports about customer reps not being able to answer the questions asked. I have not experienced this myself but seeing as many people have reported the same issue, Jumpline should probably address it right away.

For those who need quick answers, Jumpline also provide resources that are especially useful for new users, including a knowledgebase filled with quick start guides and how-to’s. Their knowledgebase may not be as extensive as other web hosts’, but it’s regularly updated with new content.

Pros and Cons

As with all things, there are downsides and upsides to using Jumpline’s web hosting services. Following are the pros and cons you need to take note of prior to purchasing a hosting plan from them:

  • Competitively priced web hosting plans
  • A choice between two control panels (cPanel and Plesk)
  • Cloud Hosting supports Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD servers
  • Softaculous one-click apps installer included in cPanel
  • SSL support included
  • Solid uptime track record and performance
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff

  • Some hosting plans are more expensive than the competition
  • No dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting
  • Lacks a few important features
  • Hosting plans are limited, capping disk space, bandwith, RAM, and number of email accounts
  • Costly add-ons and extras
  • No free advertising and marketing credits
  • No free backups with higher plans
  • Lacks eCommerce features and services
  • An additional fee of $15/month required to get the cPanel license, if you opt for higher plans
  • Does not offer prorated refunds
  • Live chat is only available for sales
  • No ticket system and community forums

Final Verdict – A Web Host That’s Worth Considering

Jumpline is definitely not your run-of-the-mill web hosting company by any standards. Their partnerships with powerful and trusted companies, top-notch customer support, and reliable hosting services have earned them a spot in the shortlist of web hosting providers that you can trust.

In terms of usability, Jumpline is right on par with top-tier hosting services I’ve reviewed so far. Given the technical nature of web hosting, there’s typically a learning curve for most users. Luckily, Jumpline provide clients with useful guides and tutorials so they can get started right away. If you’re already familiar with web hosting, setting up your hosting account is a breeze. Otherwise, it can take you a few minutes to learn you way around their services. But once you do, you should have no problem navigating the interface and accessing various features and options.

Jumpline has increased its hosting capabilities and lowered their prices in the past few years. They have also improved the features and services they offer. But with more and more web hosts popping up and offering cheaper hosting services, Jumpline will have to step up their game further so they won’t fall behind the competition. There’s still room for improvement though, but considering how far this company had gone through the years, they remained strong despite being in the fierce and competitive world of web hosting. I definitely recommend them to individuals and businesses that require a solid yet budget-friendly hosting plan.

8.3 Total Score
A reliable web hosting provider worth taking a look at

Jumpline is a decent web host with impressive hosting plans and features, though the cost and limited hosting capabilities might deter potential users

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