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keepit logoKeepit has made a name for themselves in the cloud backup industry due to their high level security and the simplicity of their services. While there are a lot of limitations to what they offer, there are also a lot of perks that set themselves apart from even some of the high level competitors out there.

Features & Benefits

Keepit certainly did not go out of their way to create extravagant features that satisfy the needs of anyone who is looking for a cloud backup provider. Instead, they focused on becoming a provider that offered ease-of-use to the point where even the most novice of users could seamlessly work through their services.

Here is a look into some of the features and benefits that Keepit can provide for you:


There have actually been user reviews on the web where people have said that Keepit is actually too easy-to-use. This speaks to just how simple they have made their entire operation and the fact that they clearly cater to the novice user. They are definitely one of the better options for users that have absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of cloud storage providers.


Keepit actually exceeds many other cloud backup providers when it comes to security. They use a 256-bit Rijndael encryption that is the absolute most secure software that can be offered by a keepit_securitybackup provider. They also provide data replication which can add to security of your files.

Automatic Backup

One of the nice things about Keepit is that they perform automatic backups on a daily basis. On top of these daily backups, they also make sure that they are done at different times everyday to ensure that security is at the highest level possible. This is just another example of the Keepit team doing everything in their power to keep their users’ files secure.

Seamlessly Manage Multiple Users

If you are looking for a cloud backup provider that emphasizes ease-of-use when it comes to managing multiple users, Keepit certainly provides this for you. No matter how many users you have on your account, you will have no problem navigating through them to find whatever you are looking for.

Customer Support

keepit_supportThe customer service offered by Keepit is pretty standard for what you will find across the cloud backup industry. They give you the ability to submit a support ticket on a 24/7 basis and their response times are generally within a 12-24 hour timeframe.

Their support center focuses mostly on guides and white papers, and unfortunately does not have a lot to offer in the way of self-help for specific issues. While they could certainly do a better job to make it easier for users to find solutions to their problems, they are not too far behind when compared to what most other storage providers offer.


One of the most obvious cons associated with choosing Keepit as your cloud backup provider is that they only provide the option for you to pay yearly. Unfortunately they do not currently allow you to pay on a month-by-month basis, which can be an issue for users that are not yet sure whether Keepit services are sufficient for their needs. They do, however, have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Another issue with Keepit is that you can only schedule backups by day. This is fairly inconvenient, especially when there are several cloud backup providers in the industry that allow backups to be scheduled for several days ahead of time.

Keepit is also a little behind the times in the fact that they are not currently compatible with Linux. This process is in beta, however, so it should not be too much longer before they offer compatibility with both Linux and Windows operating systems.


Keepit offers both a business and home plan for users to choose from. The business plan for desktops comes out to be $14.95/month. They also have business packages for servers, although the price of those plans varies depending on the amount of backup storage that you are looking for.

The home plan is definitely their most popular option and comes in at $59.95/year. This is a fairly average price for the industry although the debate could be made that their prices should be a bit lower due to the lack of quality features that they offer. As far as security, however, it is still a pretty solid value.

Plans Compared

Keepit PRO for Desktops Keepit PRO for Servers Keepit Unlimited
 Users  Business  Business  Home
Price $14.95/month $49.00/month $7.13/month
Unlimited Storage
Secure Encyrption  
Ease of Use  
Daily Automatic Backup  
Centralize Configuration  
Centralize Management  
No exceptions  
Customize Reporting  
30-Day Money Back Guarantee      

  • Unlimited storage
  • Secure encryption
  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • Centralize configuration for business plans
  • Centralize management for business plans
  • Customize reporting for business plans
  • 30-Day money back guarantee for business and home plans

  • Needs to pay early
  • Monthly payment is not allowed
  • Not compatible with Linux
  • You can only schedule backups by day

The Final Word

At the end of the day, Keepit was made for the novice user and is probably best fit for personal use only. Businesses may find that the limited features offered come up a little too short, especially if they are looking for something that can scale.

While you may be a little apprehensive about signing on with a provider that only offers annual pricing options, the 30-day money back guarantee means that there is very little risk involved with giving them a shot. If you have never used a cloud backup provider before, Keepit is definitely a great place to start.

8.5 Total Score
Simple, High Level Security, Automatic Backup

Provides users simple to use features and top rated security encryption giving users ease of mind regarding the security of their files. Daily Automatic Backup. Only offers annual payment option.

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