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magento_logoLike Shopify, Magento is a well-known eCommerce platform – but it isn’t for everyone…

Magento’s main selling point is that it is a technologically advanced type of platform, which means that the ease-of-use and user simplicity is held back.

But, if you are able to bypass the technological features and truly get to the heart of Magento’s selling points, you’ll find Magento to truly be a worthwhile eCommerce platform – also so long as your business is doing very well.

Types of Shops that Work Best with Magento…

  • Shops that are looking for some of the most extensive advanced features on the web
  • Shops that are akin to large corporations
  • Shops where revenue is near the $1 million mark

Essentially, Magento is not for your everyday shop. Those who use Magento are individuals who are not only able to handle extensive and advanced features, but who are also able to meet Magento’s high fees. If your shop fits squarely in these categories, then the choice to use Magento for your web hosting needs is a prime one. Mangento does give businesses their monies worth, in so many aspects. To put things into perspective, a few of Magento’s top customers include Nespresso, GANT, Easton, Paul Smith, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Open Source Software vs. Enterprise Version

Open Source

One of the prime features of Magento is that it is open source software. This means that with Magento, you can install it for free and use it as-in and edit it to suit the needs of your business. There are numerous customization options that come in the form of plug-ins and extensions. These plug-ins and extensions can be attained either from the Magento community or third-party developers.


While the open source version does sound promising, the main setback is that you aren’t getting the features that make Magento what it is. Those who use the open source version need to either have experience as a Magento web developer or coder or to hire talent to publish the store. In addition, the open source version does not provide hosting, PCI compliance, payment processing, domain name, customer support, and any security features. If you’re really going to use this type of eCommerce platform, then the enterprise version is where it’s at.

Features include the following:

Magento Partner Solutions will also help you:

  • Boost Sales
  • Attract Customers
  • Stay Nimble
  • Get Up and Running Quickly
  • Reduce Upfront Costs
  • Sell Globally

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise version of Magento is geared to large scale businesses and corporations. With the Enterprise version, you’re getting a high level of functionality, indemnity insurance, and excellent customer support. Therefore, if you’re looking into Magento and can afford the $15,500 to $77,000 a year price tag, then keep reading.


The Interface

Magento utilizes an interface known as “Magento Go.” This type of system is not designed for your everyday small business owner. But rather, Magento Go is the type of system that a web developer or programmer would feel most comfortable with. For the web developer or programmer, Magento go is a pretty quick system to handle. After setting up the self-hosting capabilities, developers or programmers will find that the features are navigable and all appear on a main menu. The menu includes promotions, sales, products, sales, and reports. Also, Magento also uses local installation that requires FTP. Once you’ve got the store setup, there are numerous features that any advanced business or corporation can take advantage of.

Business Tracking


A stellar feature of Magento is that it enables serious businesses to gain a micro view of everything regarding the business. For example, with Magento users are able to use the powerful reporting features, stock control, accounting, complex discounting, and vouchers. In addition to these standard business tracking features, Magento also allows you to customize by adding add-ons. To customize, you’ll need to use XML modules.


While the open source version of Magento is not PCI compliant, the enterprise version is. In addition, with Magento enterprise, users are able to use Magento’s Secure Payment Bridge. To ensure that customers are receiving optimal level security capabilities, Magento also rolls out security patches on an as-needed basis.

Magento Enterprise Advance Features include the following:

Dynamic Marketing and Merchandising

  • Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising
  • Customer Attribute Management
  • Visual Merchandizer
  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations
  • Solr Search
  • Automated Email Marketing Reminder
  • Content Management System
  • Category View and Purchase Permissions per Customer Group (Limited Catalog Access)

Increased Customer Loyalty

  • Rewards Points
  • Store Credits
  • Multiple Wish Lists
  • Gift Registry
  • Gifting Options
  • Private Sales
  • Add to Cart by SKU
  • Configurable Order Tracking Widget

Powerful Performance and Scalability

  • Full Page Caching
  • Optimized Indexing
  • Scalable Backend Systems
  • Support for Alternate Media Storage – CDN and Database
  • Order Archiving
  • PA-DSS Certification/Payment Bridge

Extensive Management Tool

  • Return Management Authorization (RMA)
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Support Tool
  • Scheduled Import/Export Functionality
  • Logging of Administrator Actions
  • Strong Data Encryption, Hashing and Key Management

Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition Compared:

Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Installation FREE $15k + per year
Marketing Promotions and Conversion Tools
Site Management
Catalog Management
Catalog Browsing
Product Browsing
Checkout, Payment and Pricing
Order Management
Customer Accounts
Mobile Commerce
Dynamic Marketing and Advertising
Increased Customer Loyalty
PCI Compliant
Extensive Management Tools

Clients include some of the leading brands on the planet including:

magento clients


  • Community Edition is free to download and use
  • Feature-rich ecommerce
  • Easy to extend platform
  • Extensive training and resources are available

  • You need to have coding and web development experience if not you need to hire someone and it’s quite expensive
  • Customer Support is available only to Enterprise Edition


Magento isn’t for everyone and if you’re thinking of using the open source version, then you either need to have coding and web development experience, or you need to pay a pretty penny for someone to handle it for you. You’ll also need to be your own customer support, purchase your own hosting, and also add security features. Otherwise, if you can afford the Magento Enterprise price tag, then that option is the better solution. Magento is marketed in a manner that heralds exclusivity.

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a Magento Enterprise plan, then you’ll need to contact the company for details. Ordering online isn’t an option, which clearly shows that it isn’t for the everyday business owner. If you’re looking to start your online business and just launch a store, it’s best to try other options.


Magento – Community Edition

Magento – Community Edition

Flexible, open source commerce platform

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Magento – Enterprise Edition

Magento – Enterprise Edition

High performance, scalable digital commerce solution for fast and growing large businesses.

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9 Total Score
Community Edition is Free, Feature-rich ecommerce, Easy to extend platform

A well-known e-commerce solution which feature-rich ecommerce and easy to extend platform. While Magento Community Edition is free, its Enterprise Edition is a bit pricey but it offers a lot of advance features that you can take advantage.

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    Iren April 13, 2016 at 5:53 am

    In my opinion Magento is quite reliable e commerce polatform. It is clear that it has some disadvantages too (as I was read here you have to be ready to spend some money for its updation etc. But I have used Magento and it is really comfortable to run your business with it.

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