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mozy-logoMozy is one of the more basic online backup providers in the industry today. They have been around for quite some time and have developed a strong reputation for helping both individuals and businesses perform secure backups. Similar to BackBlaze, they do not offer the ability to share files and instead focus almost entirely on being a top-of-the-line backup option for users.

Features & Benefits

The team at Mozy certainly is not going to blow anyone away with the features and benefits that they offer. While they were once a provider that focused exclusively on backup plans, they have added file syncing to their services in an effort to stay competitive in what is a very crowded industry.

Here is a further look at a few of the features and benefits associated with Mozy:


The main benefit of choosing Mozy as your online backup provider is that they are extremely secure. They go through some fairly intense procedures to ensure that everything that you do through them is private. They use a 128-bit SSL encryption when transferring data and their service uses a 448-bit Blowfish encryption when your files are in storage. Basically, choosing Mozy means that your files will be secure.

Control Over Backup Scheduling

One of the cooler things about using Mozy is that they give you complete control over how and when your files are backed up. You get to schedule your backups whenever you want and can even control the amount of bandwidth being used.

mozy scheduling


Ease-of-use is a big deal in the cloud storage and backup industry, and Mozy is certainly a part of the simplicity movement. They offer users a web-based administrative console that allows you to seamlessly perform your backups and find files. Everything is conveniently organized as well to make for an enjoyable overall experience.

mozy admin consile

Mozy’s tools allows users to completely customize their account with detailed specificiations, including:

  • Specify additional account users and administrators.
  • Set encryption key options
  • Set up automatic or scheduled backups
  • Define backup policies
  • Integrate to any LDAP-capable directory service
  • Centrally manage your account from anywhere in the world
  • Restore files multiple ways
  • Quickly browse and search for files from backup sets and download them to any machine
  • Versioning support
  • Manage access by your employees to features

Customer Supportcustomer_support

As with just about every cloud backup provider you will find, Mozy has a support center that is based around self-help assistance. While it is easy to navigate through their support center to find what you are looking for, the individual assistance is non-existent unless you purchase one of their premium plans. They also have an ‘Ask the Community’ section that basically serves as a forum where users can help each other with their issues.

Support Options include:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Tutorials
  • Community
  • Documentation
  • Live Support Chat
  • Phone Support


One of the biggest cons with Mozy is that they are not really competitively priced as compared to other companies that specialize in cloud backup. While they do lay claim to the fact that they are one of the most secure providers around, their prices are almost two times what other reliable providers charge.

The lack of file sharing is also a bit of a concern, especially when you add on the pricing factor. Many users have said that the price is simply not in line with the capabilities that their services provide.


Pricing for Mozy starts at $10/month for the most basic personal plan that works for a single computer. You can pay an additional $5 for each computer that you would like to add to the backup plan. Unfortunately there is very little information about the business and enterprise plans, as both require that you request a quote from their sales team.

It should once again be noted that most users that have gone with the customized business and enterprise plans have said that their prices are quite a bit more expensive than comparable providers. The major difference, as has been mentioned previously in this review, is the additional security features that Mozy offers. At the end of the day, the value is solid if privacy and security are your major concerns.

Mozy Plans for 1 Year Compared

Plans MozyHome MozyPro MozyEnterprise
Features Automatic Backup Protection

Data Restores and File Access

Militay-grade Security

World-class Data Management

2x Protect Local Backup

Automatic Backup Protection

Data Restores and File Access

Administrative  Tools

Militay-grade Security

World-class Data Management

Mozy Data Shuttle

2x Protect Local Backup

Automatic Backup Protection

Data Restores and File Access

Administrative  Tools

Militay-grade Security

World-class Data Management

Mozy Data Shuttle

2x Protect Local Backup

Customer Support Live chat and phone request are only available to paying MozyHome customers 24x7x365 live chat and phone support 24x7x365 live chat and phone support
Price  2 GB Free

50 GB $71.88

125 GB $119.88

10 GB $109.89

50 GB $219.89

100 GB $439.89

250 GB $1,0044.89

Contact Mozy for pricing

  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Data restore and file access
  • Military-grade security
  • World-class data management
  • One of the most secure providers

  • Not really competitively priced as compared to other cloud backup prviders
  • Lack of file sharing
  • Price is not in line with the capabilities they provide
  • No file sharing

The Final Word

At the end of the day, Mozy is a cloud backup provider that caters to businesses and corporations. Their only true claim to fame is their security, which is usually the most important factor with large organizations that are backing up a lot of sensitive data.

It is probably not worth the overall cost for personal use, as there are a variety of other providers out there that offer sufficient features at much cheaper costs than Mozy. If security is a major deal to you, however, than Mozy is definitely a great option even if you have to pay a little more than the industry average.

9.5 Total Score
Military-grade Security, Easy Restore, Automatic Cloud Backup

Mozy is a traditional backup that keeps your safe protected with their military-grade security. Price is too high compared to other providers that specializes in cloud backup

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