SOS Online Backup Review 2016

There are numerous backup systems on the market, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. When looking for a backup system, you should focus on qualities such as reliability, ease of use, and security. Security is a particularly important feature because it enables you to feel more secure that your files are taken care of and that no one gains unauthorized access.

logo-sos-77x55One particular system is SOS online backup. This backup system is known for its security features and its reliability. Let’s take a look below for what you can expect when using this backup technology.


The SOS Online backup may be a bit different from what you are used to. This backup system is more similar to Dropbox, in the sense that it is an online backup service. Rather than use software, you’re faced with the opportunity to take advantage of one of the online backup plans. One of the greatest features of this plan is its simplicity, not only in the technology, but also in the plan options.

Those who use SOS Online Backup have two plans to choose from:

Both of these options include infinite storage, they backup a number of computers, and they can be utilized on both the smartphone and tablet.

On the other hand, the business plan provides you with a number of other capabilities that are more suitable for the needs of a business. These capabilities include centralized management, history archives, NAS and External storage backup, and version history.


Starting Out and Password Security

Once you decide to use SOS Online backup and you register for the service, then you’ll be promoted to create a password for security and account management purposes. Keep in mind that there are also two other great security features at this juncture. You have what is known as UltraSafe and UltraMax security. These security features prevent anyone, including SOS staff, from gaining access to your encryption keys. In addition, with UltaMax, the password is never given to the server. With these security features in place, you can feel completely confident that your files are secure.

Compared to most other services, SOS provides users with some of the best and more secure security features on the web. You’re in good hands here.

Scanning Files After Installation

Once you’ve installed SOS on your computer, the program instantly starts to run by scanning your files. The system will target the most used and popular files first. If you want the system to stop scanning your files, then you can designate that on the interface screen – which is displayed below.


One of the greatest features of this system is that most users find it to be extremely intuitive. There is no learning curve involved and you should be able to easily perform the functions that you are looking for. You can also command the system to scan multiple files at once. If you want to halt scanning for a few designated files, then click on the “advanced” tab and exclude the files that you don’t want to be scanned.

Another feature that you’ll find useful when scanning and backing up files is that the system also enables you to schedule your scans. For example, you can schedule the next backup to start in 24 hours.

Backup Speed

Backup speed is an extremely important feature for most users. While you certainly can’t expect the system to run extremely fast, you should at least desire a product that doesn’t take forever.

In terms of SOS Online Backup, the speed is perhaps one of the best on the market. Most users who perform an initial backup test will find that the system is able to backup files in about 40 seconds. The bandwidth speed is also quite fast. To upload 100MB of 100 folders, SOS took the same amount of time.

The only factor that can slow down the backup speed is your internet connection. So, if you are expecting these types of speeds, you’ll need to ensure that your internet is up to par and capable of performing fast.

Mobile Backup

Unlike most online backup systems, SOS does not offer applications for windows phone. On the other hand, you’ll find that it does have applications for both iOS and Android. When you download the applications on your mobile device, you’ll have 5GB free, which you can use to back up the files and photos on your phone.

The application also enables you to share your files and other items with other users who have the same application on their phone. Alternatively, you can also use the application to email files directly to anyone. The only feature that isn’t available on the mobile devices is that you can’t password-protect your files.

Competitive Comparison

Here’s why the new SOS is the best offer on Earth

LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE $5.86/month for 2 years $7.92/month for 2 years $5.24/month for 2 years
Infinite Cloud Storage
Archiving & Retention Infinite & Unlimited 30 days 30 days
Version History Infinite & Unlimited Up to 12 versions for only 12 days Up to 30 versions for only 30 days
Use of Third-Party Cloud Storage No, all SOS-owned No Information Available No Information Available
Customer-Defined Encryption Key
Encyrption Prior to Backup Android Only No Information Available
Access Files in the Cloud
iOS Backup (iPhone/iPad)
Android Backup
File/Folder Backup to External Drive
Automatic Video Backup Videos must be added manually
External/Network Drive + NAS Support Any & All Drives & Volumes Windows Only, No Network Drives, Flash Drives or SD Cards
Auto File Size Limit None 4 GB None
File Type Limit None Auto video backup only with upgraded plan None

Technical Support

In terms of technical support, you’ll find your resources to be extremely limited. There is very little information regarding the tech support availability for SOS. For users who have used the tech support, the results are dismal. Therefore, if you are looking for a backup system that provides you with quality support, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Mobile Access
  • Quite and automatic
  • Infinite Cloud Storage
  • No file size/type limits
  • Speed is one of the best in the market

  • Does not offer applications for Windows phone
  • Extremely limited resources in terms of technical support


Overall, SOS Online Backup is a pretty good alternative to many online backup systems. However, if you are looking for a backup system advanced capabilities and technical support, then this isn’t the right option for you.

Also, with SOS’s online presence since 2001, you can expect to at least receive a reliable product that provides you with the quality security features that you need to keep your files safe. SOS has also received numerous awards from PC Mag and Laptop Magazine and other tech-oriented news sources have provided public recommendations.

SOS Online Backup – Personal Cloud

SOS Online Backup – Personal Cloud

Online Backup Service, For Personal and Business, Infinite Cloud Storage, Mobile Access and Backup

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SOS Online Backup – Business

SOS Online Backup – Business

Simple and easy to use online backup solution with support for PC, Mac and all iPhone/Android mobile devices. Flexible plans to fit personal or ...

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8.5 Total Score
Affordable, Reliable Personal Cloud Backup

Simple and easy to use backup with mobile access. Quiet and automatic. Infinite cloud storage offering with no file size/type limits. Fast speed. But no support for Windows phone, and very limited technical support.

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    Matthew d September 20, 2016 at 10:15 am

    I just spoke to one of their team… my impression is that the unlimited deal from before was a way to get known, pure marketing, amazing offer = top feedback etc… and then change the deal (from 40/year to 150/month)… I must have been planned all along to find loads of clients… then weed out those that have more money than sense.
    If a company can do this, it’s not a company that can be trusted.

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