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Volusion logoWith so many eCommerce platforms on the market, it can be exceedingly difficult to choose one that suits your needs. The type of eCommerce platform that you choose will ultimately depend upon what features you are looking for, the pricing, your need for advanced capabilities, and if you need strong customer support qualities. One particularly popular eCommerce platform on the market today is Volusion. Since its inception in 1999, the cloud-based eCommerce platform has been constantly incorporating features in order to become what it is today – an all-in-one platform designed to meet user needs.

A Unique Bonus: Web Hosting

Most eCommerce platforms don’t incorporate a web hosting feature, but Volusion seems to be doing a pretty superb job with its own web hosting capabilities. Through Volusion, users can enjoy 99.9% uptime and for the most part, their million dollar infrastructure is known to be quite dependable.

The main advantage of using an eCommerce platform that includes web hosting is that it makes things much easier and more convenient, since you have fewer platforms to deal with when managing your website and store. Furthermore, as you can tell, there is a uptime guarantee.


Ease of Use

When it comes to ease-of-use, one of the greatest features of Volusion is that it is truly designed for the armature. Those who employ Volusion will notice that the platform is extremely clear, even when it comes to getting started. To get started with Volusion, you simply need to access the starter guide on their webpage. Unfortunatly, you may encounter a few road bumps when using the starter guide, as Volusion doesn’t offer you any instructions.

Overall though, things should be intuitive enough for you not to need any additional instruction.

Templates and Design

Having a strong theme when running your shop is critical to its success. Fortunately, volusion has got you covered when it comes to access and creativity. Volusion offers 350 themes, with 82 of them being free. If you’d like to access the rest, you’ll need to pay anywhere from $50 to $895, which can be a bit pricy. In addition, if you like to change your themes often, you’ll find that Volusion is constantly updating this area of their platform. Therefore, you’ll get a great deal of variance when it comes to customizing and updating your shop. Finally, in terms of editing the theme on your own, this may be a bit challenging for you, unless you have CSS and HTML coding skills.

As you can see, here are a few examples of what you can expect in terms of templates. Overall, the templates are sleek, clean, and very attractive to the end user.

Volusion Templates

SEO and Marketing Capabilities

Having a shop that can incorporate SEO and marketing capabilities means you’ve truly found a gem. As you can guess. Volusion also has its own form of SEO and marketing options. With Volusion, potential customers will be able to view your products on their own Facebook feed as a form of advertising. You can attain this capability by creating your own Facebook store. After you’ve set up your store, you’ll be able to improve the visibility of your products and enhance the number of sales. In addition, the platform also auto-generates for customers sitemaps. The sitemap then allows searching for your product much easier, leading to additional sales.

The Payment System

Out of all of the eCommerce platforms on the market, Volusion seems to be the most extensive in terms of payments from merchant processors. With Volusion, your customers can use over 30 different payments, including the most popular choices like PayPal and Authorize.net. Another bonus when it comes to the payment system is that you don’t need to deal with transaction fees from Volusion, unless you use its own merchant service, which then charges you 2.17% per transaction.

Security Features

Volusion securityIf you’re looking for extra security, then Volusion also has you covered. You have the option to purchase a number of SSL security packages and in addition, you can also add security certificates for enhanced protection.

While it may cost you anywhere between $89 and $400 for these additional features, they are favorable since your customers will feel much better in using your online store, which will lead to more sales.


The Cost of Volsuion

 Finally, there are four options in terms of prices and features that you can attain with Volusion.

Plans Mini Plus Pro Premium
Monthly $15 $35 $75 $135
Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage Unlimited Storage
Transaction Fee No No No No
Products 100 1000 10000 Unlimited
Support Online Support Phone Support Priority Support Priority Support
Mobile Commerce
Responsive Templates
Free Slideshow
Mobile App
Facebook Store
Social Media Tools
Automatic Tax Rates
Abandoned Cart Reports
Ratings and Reviews
Phone Orders
Ebay Integration
Amazon Integration
API Access
Deal of the Day
Customer Loyalty Plan
Batch Order Processing
Account Manager

Sample of Stores Using Volusion


  • Free for 14 days
  • Easy to use
  • Free templates available
  • Customize templates
  • Built-in marketing, social media and SEO tools
  • Can manage stores using its native iOS, Android, and smartwatch apps
  • No transactionfees

  • Bandwidth capping
  • You’ll get charges once you go over with your bandwidth
  • Requires you to purchase and SSL certificate
  • Non-responsive mobile set-up
  • Templates are hard-coded


Overall, if you are looking for a quality eCommerce shop with many capabilities, then you may just want to take Volusion seriously. The prices are pretty decent compared to other eCommerce services, there are many templates available, and you’re getting an enhanced layer of security SEO and marketing features that can only enhance the qualities of your shop and your user satisfaction.

8.9 Total Score
Easy to Use, Free Templates, Built-in Tools

Easy to use which is really good for first time users with an number of free templates to choose from although some templates are hard-coded. Built-in tools allows you to increase your sales.

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