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VyprVPN_logoVyprVPN is one of the most trusted names in the internet privacy industry. They have one of the largest networks that you will find and have over 700 servers available for users to protect their data and privacy. The service was developed by Golden Frog, a company that has been around for over two decades.

With dozens of virtual private networks to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit. VyprVPN has made a strong case for themselves due to their top notch features, reliability, and the overall speed of their network. Their customer service is also among the best that you will find.

Let’s take a look at some of the main questions that you will want to consider when determining whether or not VyprVPN is right for you:

What Different Plans Do They Offer?

Golden Frog offers three different VyprVPN plans which include a basic plan, pro plan, and premier plan. The basic plan is priced at $6.67/month, the pro option is $8.33/month, and the premier package is $10.00/month. All of these prices are for an annual plan as the price will be almost double if you decide to pay on a monthly basis.

Plan Comparison

Basic Pro Premier
$6.67/mo $8.33/mo $10.00/mo
Unlimited Data Usage Unlimited Data Usage Unlimited Data Usage
1 Connection 2 Simultaneous Connections 3 Simultaneous Connections
NAT Firewall Not Included NAT Firewall Included NAT Firewall Included
OpenVPN™ Not Included OpenVPN™ OpenVPN™
L2TP/IPsec Not Included L2TP/IPsec L2TP/IPsec
Chameleon™ Not Included Chameleon™ Chameleon™

Do They Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. One of the unique perks of choosing VyprVPN is that they provide you with a completely risk free 3-day trial period where you have the opportunity to test their services before committing to a plan. While the period is only three days, it gives you the ability to see exactly what you are getting and ensure that the features and apps suit your needs.

What Type of Customer Support is Provided?

vyprvpn_supportThe customer support offered by VyprVPN is among the best the best in the virtual private network industry. They offer 24/7/365 assistance through either live chat support or email. Their service staff is all native English speaking and seem to be extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects of their services.

What are the Major Differences Between Each Plan?

The biggest difference between the three plans is with the amount of simultaneous connections that are allowed. The Pro Plan, which is the most popular option, allows for two simultaneous connections while the more advanced Premier Plan allows for three. The Basic Plan only allows one connection at a time.

Another difference between the plans is the inclusion of a NAT firewall, which you will receive with both the pro and premier packages. This is not included with the basic option. The basic plan also comes without the OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and Chameleon features that you will find with the pro and premier packages.

Is Unlimited Server Switching Allowed With All Plans?vyprvpn_unlimited_server_switching

Yes. All three of the plans give you the ability to switch servers on an unlimited basis. With over 700 servers to choose from throughout the world, this gives you incredible versatility no matter where you are located.

Where are Their Servers Located?

VyprVPN has several servers in North America, Australia, Europe, Central America, Asia, South America, and even the Middle East. Very few virtual network providers can lay claim to the fact that they have servers in six of the seven continents.


What Separates VyprVPN From Other VPN providers?

The two biggest things that separate VyprVPN from other providers is their incredible speed (due to several servers in six continents) and the fact that they manage their network, own the DNS, and write 100% of their own software. Not having third party representatives is a major perk when dealing with an industry that is built around providing privacy and security.


3rd Party Hosted Provider VS VyprVPN


What Devices Does VyprVPN Support?

Another reason that VyprVPN is able to separate themselves from their competitors is the amount of devices that are supported by their services. From Windows and Mac to Android and iOS, their services can be used for just about anything. You can even use them on your TV or router.


Is Online Storage Provided?

Yes. VyprVPN offers dump truck online storage for all three plans, although the exact amount varies. The basic plan allows for 10GB of storage, the pro plan allows for 25GB, and the premier plan allows for 50GB.

What Type of Encryption is Used for Each Plan?

The basic plan only allows for a 128-bit encryption although both the pro and premier plans allow you to choose between a 256-bit or 128-bit encryption.

Do They Have Logs?

Yes. VyprVPN does log for 30 days at a time. The details that they log over this time include you source IP address, VyprVPN IP address, connection start and stop time, and the number of bytes that were used. They do not, however, log any information about online communication, website history, services used, location, or any personal information whatsoever.

  • Fast and easy to use apps
  • Apps for every device
  • No 3rd parties to host their VPN servers and DNS
  • Provides the highest level of speed
  • 50+ Global server locations with 200,000+ IPs
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Provides free trial

  • Logs for 30 days
  • Free trial is 3 days only

The Final Word

As has been mentioned, VyprVPN is known as one of the more reliable VPN providers in the industry. Whether or not they are the right option for you will more than likely come down to how important choosing a VPN with no logging is. This is obviously one of the most debated topics in the VPN world and the fact that VyprVPN logs for as long as 30 days can be a deal breaker for many users.

Other than the extended logging, however, VyprVPN certainly provides great value to users looking for a reliable virtual private network provider. With their 3-day trial period, there really is no risk in giving their services a shot.

VyprVPN Plan – Basic

VyprVPN Plan – Basic

Unlimited Data Usage, 1 Connection, 50+ WorldWide Server

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VyprVPN Plan – Pro

VyprVPN Plan – Pro

Unlimited Data Usage, 2 Simultaneous Connections, NAT Firewall for Additional Security, 50+ WorldWide Servers

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VyprVPN Plan – Premier

VyprVPN Plan – Premier

Unlimited Data Usage, 1 Connection, NAT Firewall for Additional Security, 50+ WorldWide Servers

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9 Total Score
Easy to Use Apps on All Devices, Unlimited Server Switching

Provides users with fast and easy to use apps on all devices at a reasonable price. Users allows to choose from 50+ global server location with unlimited server switching. Logs for 30 days at a time.

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