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Here at HRB we’re always in pursuit for valuable information. Be it a blog post, interview or news, we are open to all!

We’re always looking for aspiring writers to write articles for us. So, if you have an idea that will be interesting to our readers and help spread valuable information, we will be glad to hear from you!

But take some time to read these guidelines…

This is a relatively short process, you pitch by email your idea for a guest post and if we like it I will ask you to prepare the full blog article.

Our topics include but not limited to website creation and anything and everything within the digital marketing niche. However, if you have topics that are somehow related to what we write about why not send us a pitch? And if you can get our readers wanting more, then you should definitely write for us! Not only that, you are not alone. We will help your post achieve success by helping you every step of the way!

What We’re Looking for in a Guest Post

Email your topics first to Rienzi and he’ll tell you what topics you can go for. We loathe plagiarism so any form of copying is not allowed. Your content must not be found anywhere else on the internet. Also, we don’t accept press releases and sales pitches.

Please make sure your submission has the following elements:

  • Content – Again, we put emphasis on originality. All content must be written by YOU and never been used anywhere else. Please offer a clear argument rather than just focusing on giving tips and tricks.
  • Can be Read Easily – Make sure your post is well formatted and easily scannable: include headers, sub-headers, use bold text for emphasis or use numbered or bullet pointed lists.
  • Likeable Content – Post must be bold, creative and interesting.
  • Double Check Content – Don’t forget to proofread your post for any errors.
  • Credits – Credit sources whenever necessary.
  • Photos – Use high quality photos for your post. Again, don’t forget to give credit when necessary.
  • Factual – Post must be supported with real facts, convincing arguments with less opinions (fact-check and cite sources if needed).

We publish 2 types of content:

  1. Articles that have 1,500–2,500 words. It must meet most thorough content and editorial criteria.
  2. Articles that have 900–1,500 words. These articles must be casual in tone and content. Great for less scrupulous tutorials and posts.
  3. Infographic submission must be accompanied by no less than 500 words and must be home automation or family safety related.

What You Get in Return?

You get an organic link to your site or business site within the post or author byline.
We’ll help promote your guest post across our own social channels.

How to Submit

After we approve of the topics you’ve sent to us you can then send us a final draft with internal and external links inserted. Please don’t forget to add the photos as well in jpeg or png format. Then send along a text file with credits to your information and images.

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