Template Monster Guest Interview: Our Quick Chat with David Braun

david-braunEver want to create your own website but don’t know where to start?

Want to start your own online business but lack the skill and experience to create your own webpage? Fret no more! TemplateMonster.com is here!

Manually coding your website and designing your layout is a thing of the past! The time you waste figuring out what to do can be used in more productive things like marketing your products or managing your inventory.

Leaving your website building to experts is the new fad. If you don’t have any experience don’t do that horrendous task by yourself. Have someone do it for you. For a fair price you get a professional looking website and fully functional online store without breaking a sweat!

If you want more information, we have David Braun here from TemplateMonster.com to answer your questions.

Good day David. Thank you for taking the time to grace us with your presence. We are glad you could make it. Let us start with our first question. Who are the people behind TemplateMonster.com? How did your company get started?

TemplateMonster has its roots in a pretty successful US-based web design studio founded back in 1998. Later we decided to reform our company into an online store selling website templates. Our first experience was with PSD templates; then we started developing WordPress themes, and expanded our inventory with designs for other content management systems.

It’s hard to believe, but TemplateMonster has made its way from a local web studio to one of the largest web design businesses in the world with hundreds of employees. But we are not going to stop at this point: in the nearest future we will launch a marketplace, where individual designers and web studios will be able to sell their products.

Can you give us a brief overview of your company? What does TemplateMonster.com do?

We at TemplateMonster create readymade website templates for HTML5 and the most popular content management systems and eCommerce platforms: WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, and many others. Also, we develop original plugins and extensions for these platforms to be sure that each of our themes works exactly as it should.


Besides, we run numerous side projects: a design blog, Startup Hub, Template Help, which are focused at providing our community with useful information about design and business. Our goal is to create a unified A-Z ecosystem, where everyone interested in web design can find all the information required to start and optimize their business, improve their skills and even win some cool stuff in giveaways.

Our research says that you have been in the industry for 14 years! Wow! You must have been one of the pioneers in the website building industry. How did it the past decade go for the company? What were the challenges you encountered along the way?

Indeed, we had little to no competitors in 2002. The situation changed 5 years later, after the popularization of WordPress, so we had to fight for our position on the market. The rapidly changing world of web design is always a challenge. But on my opinion, harsh competition forces us to maintain a high level of quality and be on the edge of web design trends, and is beneficial for us and our clients.

In its first years our company has faced DDoS attacks, frauds, and other stressful situations. It was the ‘wild west’ of online business, but we’ve managed to survive it. Luckily, the internet of today with its advanced security techniques is a much more civilized and safe place for both entrepreneurs and their customers.

You long experience as a team has probably helped you deal with a lot of changes in the website building industry. The question is, what noticeable changes have you noticed during the past 14 years? What improved? And how is it any different from what was done before?

There have been too many changes to mention. The evolution of web design is in constant motion; design trends appear and fade away each year.

First of all, the choice of worthy CMSs is much wider now than then. If you want to launch a store, you can pick a shopping cart that perfectly fits your needs instead of struggling with a single one-size-fits-all solution; if you need a blog, you are free to choose from a variety of blogging platforms: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

I know that this must be a cliché question but why should your customers choose you over the other template providers? What’s your edge?

What we are proud of the most is our lifetime 24/7 support, and the incredible choice of templates. But such blatant bragging won’t persuade anyone, right? ? That’s why I’d recommend you to visit our website and see for yourself.

Don’t hesitate to check the updates: we regularly run discount campaigns, so you can save a lot on your cart. By the way, the next discount is timed to Black Friday; don’t miss it.


Could you give us a quick rundown of what TemplateMonster.com has to offer? Do you have plans or a pricing scheme that you can share with our audience?

Our goal is to provide any industry a choice of readymade design solutions, that’s why we offer for museums, golf clubs, restaurants, fashion stores: any, even the narrowest niche you can think of.

Here is a short overview of our inventory (included are only the most up-to-date templates):

1250 WordPress themes;
1000+ Joomla templates;
4000+ HTML5 templates;
480+ Drupal themes;
200+ Landing page templates;
350+ Magento themes;
1100+ PrestaShop themes;
640+ OpenCart templates;
250+ Shopify themes.

Additionally, there is a section with plugins and extensions, which you can purchase separately and install on your website.

How newbie friendly is TemplateMonster.com?

TemplateMonster is for everyone, regardless of your skills and experience in building websites. We try to make our templates as newbie friendly, as possible by implementing intuitive tools, detailed documentation, explanatory videos and articles, and other resources. The prime example is our brand new Power builder, which is 100% drag & drop, and can be mastered even by a complete newbie.

If you are stuck while choosing a product, our pre-sales team will help you find the most suitable template for your website in minutes.

Your website offers a lot of beautiful and professional-looking free themes. Can these free themes be used for a decent looking website? If yes, why should your customers get a paid plan? What’s the biggest advantage?

Technically, our free templates are of the same quality as our premium ones, but simpler. Another difference between them is that free templates don’t come with customer support. You can still use them to build a professional looking website, but if you appreciate flexibility and rich functionality, your choice should be one of the premium templates.


Your website says that you have over 26,000 templates in your library. That is a lot of templates! I’m quite sure we have a lot of picky customers that would like their own designs. Is this possible? Do you offer creating personalized sites?

There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel and build a new design from scratch, as 26,000 templates cover all possible layout combinations and color schemes. But if you need to fine-tune the design of your website, you should know that we have launched our very own Service Center, where you can customize your newly purchased template within 24 hours. Our specialists have already customized 2000+ websites in less than a year.

Lastly, how does appearance affect a site’s performance? What are your tips in designing a good looking and professional looking website?

However appearance is a major factor, website templates nowadays are not only about the visuals. Even relatively simple Bootstrap templates should be equipped with additional modules and forms in order to satisfy the ever increasing appetites of demanding website owners.

If you want to design a really cool website, stick to trends, but don’t follow them blindly. There is always a place for creativity. And remember: always go for usability rather than a fancy look.

Why settle for second best? Have your own website created by one of the best website builders in the internet today! If you have any questions feel free to contact them.

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