Top Ten Free Web Hosting Provider that Offers High Quality Services

Free hosting solution usually requires a text or banner ad that will be placed on your website in exchange of their free services. Commonly it is offered on shared server. Typically web hosts that are free offers upload managers, email, and templates. However, they do not offer database storage spaces. The list below shows ten of the best hosting provider.

20m Web Hosting

While the company believes that discount plan are still the perfect plans, the company offers their services for free while you can always upgrade to cheap paid plans when you get satisfied with their services.

Free Web Space Inc

This provider intends to provide excellent services to the users of So it does not matter if you use their services for free or the paid one, they will give you the service that you deserve.

 This provider assures you that creating websites will become easy, flexible, and fun. All the elements are highly customizable like the logos, button bars, headings, images, photo galleries, and texts. You can even customize fonts, styles, colors, and you can also make them transparent.


 The company’s vision is to give everything that their client’s need when it comes to maintaining and building websites. You can even edit your website quickly then chage all the elements inside your page.

An ultimately free web hosting solution. All you need to do is register for a very cheap price of $35 then you will get free hosting services. Free Website

 This is a unique and eco-friendly website services that will work well to both beginners and expert designers. It has CGI, PHP, and MySQL support that is easy to use and installed.


This company offers the best webspace hosting. It has more than 10 years of hosting experience that are now supporting more than 4 million websites.

Domain Host Mart

 The company provides offers reliable and affordable hosting solution. All of its account comes with an easy to use control panel which makes it extremely easy to manage you files and the entire site. Moreso, it even offers 10GB of diskspace, 100GB of Bandwidth and a lot more.

5Jelly Hosting

This hosting solution provides you with an easy to use website management solution. It has a massive collection of beautiful ad free design template. Especially for beginners, you can simply drag and drop the elements in their proper places.


A free hosting solution that comes with free email sending. It also comes with an automaric WordPress and Joomla installer.

They may be free hosting solution but they offer superior services to their clients. So if you are thinking of getting a free or paid hosting solution for your website, consider the pros and cons and if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then you opt to subscribing to free web hosting provider.

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