Adding Plugins to Your eHost Blog

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Plugins offer one more way to add functionality to your eHost blog. These are third party codes or programs that help your blog do better in Google, give you stats, help you control the spam comments, change fonts, font colors and more. There are literally thousands of free plugins available that let you do just about anything you want.

All you have to do is a search using the Plugin search box for the plugin that gives you the functionality you need. You can find plugins to create contact forms , media buttons and all sorts of other tools that can enhance the quality of your blog and its visibility.

There are plugins for creating contact forms, adding social media buttons, or enhancing your site’s visibility to search engines. There are too many plugins to really mention, but you can look up plugins on Google, and every blogger should start with a plugin called JetPack.

This adds a ton of great features like the ability to add images to sidebars, the ability to publish posts to Facebook and see how many people visit your site. Jetpack is just a nice add on and it isn’t an obligation but many people do find benefits in using it.

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