Create The Menus for Your New Blog

If you haven’t Installed WordPress on your new eHost block go to Step 2 of this guide

Menus are an extremely important part of the blogging process. Not only that, they also influence how Google lists your site and whether your audience stays on your blog or leaves without reading your content.

You always want to make a menu that is easy to navigate by your readers. To do this you can go to “Appearance” on the left side menu of the administration panel and click on “Menus.”


For the sake of this tutorial we’ll create a new menu and call it “Main Menu” for your eHost Blog. Place this name in the “Menu Name” and click “Create Menu.”

Add the items that you want for this menu. For example, here I am adding the homepage as my first page. Just click on “Custom Links” and then enter the URL of page you want to be first. Then enter the “Link Text” or the text you want to appear for the menu and link to the page.

To add more pages to the navigation menu click the “Pages” section of the menu bar.

This gives you a list of the pages you have created. To create a new page just go to “Pages” on the left menu bar and click “Add Page.” Then on the Menu category your new page name will appear. Click the checkbox next to the page and then click “Add to Menu.” Then click “Save Menu.”

Once you create a new menu then you want to add it to the blog.To do this, you need click “Manage Locations” and click the drop-down box to select the new menu you created, the click “Save Changes.”

Now What?

After you finish you should have an attractive blog. Remember you can always go back in and add new pages to your menu or create a totally different menu.

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