How To Start A Blog

Today you can start a blog easily on any topic you are interested in, and it’s the #1 way to make an income online.

So why doesn’t everyone do this successfully?

The problem is that most people don’t know how to start, and when you are inexperienced, beginning a project like this can be a little intimidating -especially if you don’t have any tech skills.

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Like most people, you may not know how to get started. Don’t worry! 🙂 That’s why I’m here to help. So let’s start the simple step-by-step tutorial. Let’s go to step one (link to tutorial).

By following the step-by-step process, I’ll help remove all the confusion from the process, and I’ll easily explain what you do next.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a computer whiz. This only requires basic computer skills, so whether you’re eight or 88 you can get a blog up in about an hour.

I’ve been building websites the early 2000’s, and in that time of launched many of my own blog and helped hundreds of people learn how to blog.

Blogging takes an initial strategy – all you need to have is three things in place, and if you implement these correctly the growth process becomes very simple.

  1. The Set up

When you set up a blog you want to use the most convenient and easiest platform to work with. In my opinion, this means you want to use WordPress. I don’t think I’m the only blogger to recommend WordPress either; about 30% of all blogs use the WordPress platform, a framework that is continually updated and made more convenient by developers for non techie and techie bloggers alike.

Basically, you can use WordPress from any computer, smartphone and tablet. Now, when I say, “30% of all businesses and consumers use WordPress,” I think I’m being a bit conservative, as many experts say that it is the most widely used platform in the world.

  1. You must have passion

I can sit here and tell you how easy setting up a blog is, and it really is…however, being successful with a blog takes a commitment. You can’t just blog once and expect your website to be successful. You have to be committed to your cause – and that takes passion. That’s why blogging experts the world over – and I include myself here; suggest that you create a blog about what interests you most.

“What if I don’t have any interests?”

Everyone has an interest in something.

OK so let’s say you aren’t an expert. What we mean by passion is that you have a strong interest in a topic. So let’s say you would like to travel but really haven’t had that many experiences. Your passion and there – you just have to expand on it, grow it and make yourself into an expert.

For instance, if you like sports venue would expand your passion into a certain sport; if you like looking good, then your passion might be “staying young,” or “keeping fit.” Finding that passion takes a little thought, you may find that like many of us, you have several passions.

  1. Learn from Others

One of the things you’ll learn to like best about the blogging world is that it is a collaborative world. When you first start blogging you can expect to make a lot of mistakes. But the one good thing you can count on here is that expert bloggers are always willing to share their knowledge.

Start with me – that way you won’t repeat the same mistakes I made.

Want to start now? Let’s skip this and get on to the fun stuff (step 1).

  1. Why Build a Blog?

Share your experiences with a huge number of followers. Today, more people than ever are on the Internet and that means there are a lot of readers out there. So if you want to share your experiences, collaborate with others, teach and learn there is no better time to start a blog than now.

Actually you may find that there are a number of benefits to blogging, and these include:

  1. More Income

Don’t think that bloggers are simply philanthropists wanting to share their information and experience in exchange for attention.

blog post

No! We aren’t thaaat LOVE hungry. 

Blogging can actually be lucrative if done right. Top bloggers earn good money, but even a small-time blogger can make a nice income. What does that mean? Freedom, of course. You get the freedom to work and blog when and where you want – so long as you are consistent.

  1. You Get Recognized

OK! So you may not be a celebrity, at least not just because of your blog. But a successful blog does give you recognition. In fact, you’d be surprised at the number of bloggers who are recognized as experts simply because of the blog they manage.

  1. Fun!

When we think of fun, the trendiest theme park, party, bar or vacation comes to mind. But there are other things that can be a lot of fun, and learning, showing, teaching and sharing through a blog can also be very fun. Besides, a blog can be great for your resume and for your income. It’s a great way to share your ideas with people who think similarly to you.

“So why go to the trouble of building a website when I can get a free blog” you think.

Yes, it is true there are a lot of free blogging options out there, and while this may sound like a great idea, it may not be so great – and these are the reasons

Why do free blogging platforms suck?

Problem #1:  It’s not Really Free

Free blog sites are out there to make money, just like any major website out there. They don’t offer free sites just to be your friend. They make money off of your content, off your writing, your pictures and your videos. They sell ad space on your pages and you generally don’t have any control over the types of ads posted to your blog. Plus, you don’t get any revenue from those ads.

Problem #2: You’ll need an Upgrade

The initial service could be free – but you’ll soon find you have a ton of offers for upgrades – and eventually – you’ll want to add something that your free site won’t allow you to do. That’s when the “Free service” is more expensive than the regular one.

When you want to change your blog design, or want your own domain name, then you are looking at these hefty $20 to $50 charges.

Problem #3: No Money

This is probably the biggest problem for you. Free blogs don’t let YOU make money. They just make money for the free blog platform by selling ads on your pages.

Note: selling ad spaces is a major source of revenue for blogs, and is not possible on a free blog.

Problem #4: You Have No Control!

Free blogging platforms don’t give you any control over your blog. If their policy changes, so does your blog. If they decide to sell or close down for business is nothing you can do about – because you don’t actually own that blog.

Even so, the number one reason why you don’t want to add your blog to a free platform is because you don’t get a full range of features that can make you a successful blogger, which is one of the reasons why I offer this step-by-step blogging guide.

Problem #5: Insecure

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that the Internet brings some insecurity. And there’s no hope for it! Some sites just get hacked. Yes, it can even happen too small blog sites, and sometimes does more frequently. When using a free blog provider, hacker can steal your domain name and make holes in your stead. Ultimately this means you may never get your blog back. And you may just have to start all over again.

So in conclusion, when referring to the free blogging sites, I and every other expert blogger out there, recommend that you stay as far away as possible. The problems that come with besides just isn’t worth the “FREE” price.

Paying for a blog hosting package like those available on eHost prevent all of these issues – and let’s face it, hosting providers like eHost make that “Free” not so appealing. The prices are so inexpensive, you might as well go with the paid option to begin with, rather than having to worry about it later. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to get your blog up on a hosting site for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

 The Four Steps You Want to Take When Starting Your Blog

the steps are pretty basic all you need to do is:

  • Get a name for your blog
  • Do the WordPress installation which takes about five minutes. And with the eHost, it’s even easier as this hosting platform offers a one-button installation.
  • Customize the design and images
  • Write and add your content

Come Along!

Just follow my step-by-step tutorial on the site, and I’ll have you up and running in a matter of minutes. I’ll show you everything from choosing a good domain name to growing your blog and making it into an income producing machine. Let’s start with the first tutorial.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I try to answer any question as soon as possible, as blogging is my passion and I enjoy sharing the knowledge.

Click Here to go to the next part of the tutorial.

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