Step 2 – Set Up Your Blog

Click here to get the best deal on eHost available today. And that will get us started on that new blog of yours. If you still aren’t sure why you need a blog go read Part One of my Guide to blogging.


1. Choose the Plan
Once you go to the eHost site you can choose the plan you want. However,as a new blogger , I recommend the basic plan.

2. Obtaining Your Free Domain at eHost
Just click start now, and type in the domain name you want on the following screen, and click on “Get my domain name.”

domain name
If the domain is not available, then you get a list of similar domains you can use. Choose one of the suggested domains or find another domain using one of the tools I mentioned before (

3. Finalizing the Registration Process

Once you get it good domain name you’ll be able to go on the registration page to add a new billing details. Don’t worry, eHost uses the safest encryption software to keep all of your billing information secure.

When you enter all of your billing information, a screen will come up hosting plan contract options. Come in as well, 24 or 36 package. Just check the box more appropriately fits your budget.

That’s It!

The Process usually just takes a few minutes to set up your account, after which you can simply log in. All you have to do is go to the eHost homepage and select Login. Type in your domain name and the password you chose when you registered.

4. The WordPress Installation

Now we can finally get to the good stuff!

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll see the eHost control panel, also known as the cPanel.

This is where we can install WordPress, the software needed for your blog. The first thing you do is close all your other Internet tabs. An installation takes up a lot of your Internet resources, so you want to make your machine as fast as possible, and ensure that every file is uploaded correctly.

In the control panel of your eHost account look for the install WordPress icon. This is the little picture that looks like the WordPress logo. Click the link and the installation will begin. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation process.

When asked choose the username and password you want to log into the account. Your user name and password can be anything you want, just be sure to use the number of characters requested by WordPress. At this moment that is 12 characters using a combination of letters, numbers and punctuation; remember the more complicated you make your password, the harder it will need for hackers to infiltrate your site. Just be sure to write down your username and password so you don’t forget it. Then check the box to agree to the terms and continue with the installation. You’ll get a message that says…

WordPress is now installing! This should only take a few minutes.

You’ll receive an email confirmation with your login information as soon as you finish the installation. Save this email just in case you lose your user name and password, but don’t worry too much about this as you can always request a password change from WordPress at a later time.

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