Step 4 – Configure Your Blog

If you missed my spiel about installing WordPress, you need to return to Step 2 for the easy eHost WordPress installations guide.

Once you have the basics to the blog down, we can get into some of the details. WordPress allows you to become a full designer. The amazing tools on eHost let you build your blog and customize it in many different ways.

Point-Premium-Free-Wordpress-Theme-oct-sep-2013 (1)

In the beginning you might think that your blog is a bit boring. Don’t worry…

You see, there are a ton of ways to change your design and layout and these cool tips and tricks can do wonders for making your blog stand out from most others.

Blog Design

Create the Menus

Customize Your eHost Blog Design

Change Your User Information

Change Your URL’s

Add Plugins

Here’s what to do next…

After doing a few of the tweaks in the links above, your blog should be very attractive and function very well.

Remember: The goal is always progress, never perfection.

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