Step 5 – Start Blogging!

Great! Now that your blog is set up and you’ve added your first post, we can get to the real fun.

But before we start it’s important that you know:

Every good blog follows a few basics, and I want to go over these with you.

  1. Good Blog Set Up – and we’ve got that done through your new eHost account and the steps on Step 1Step 2 and Step 3.
  2. Interesting, Engaging Content – we are working on this part here.
  3. Marketing – something I’ll go into in more detail.

The Blog Setup

The first three parts of this blog series talk about setting up your blog. So start with Part I if you haven’t already. As you progress you’ll want to perform a number of tweaks and changes to make your blog better.

Being a good blogger is about writing, but it’s also about getting informed, finding new ideas and seeing what others are doing within your niche.

As you progress you may find interesting plugins you want to try in the future but don’t get hung up on that stuff. You don’t  have to be perfect to start. Remember your blog will always be like a good artist, a work in progress.

Great Content

Once the framework of your blog is set, once the basis is there, which is what I showed you in the first three steps of this guide, the most important part of your blog is the content. You have to tweak and work on your blog to help readers and to make your audience want to read what you have to say.

One of the easiest ways to start is by answering a question about your niche; this can even be a question that you have yourself, and which you can answer with just a little bit of research.  Chances are if you wonder about something so do other people. This will add value to your blog and help people which will keep them coming back to learn more from you.

If you are looking for some great writing ideas there are a number of resources. Check these resources out:

News magazines

Keep in mind that content takes on many forms, so you can also include video, images and different types of colors and fonts to make your content more interesting.  Note though; a blog is not a book so you have to make your content visually appealing – and big blocks of text just don’t catch a reader’s eye.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Ok so here is the tough part; setting up your blog on eHost, and writing good content doesn’t guarantee you’ll get visitors. You have to do a bit more than that. You need to market your blog.

In the next part of this blog series we’ll cover how you can best market your new eHost blog to get a lot more visitors.

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