Web Design: 10 User Interface Design Tools A Web Designer Must Have

The success of a web application or website depends on how well-designed the user interface is. However, designing a good user interface can be a pretty daunting task.

A web designer’s concepts and decisions always affect the end users of the website, application or generally any user interface or service he/she has designed. That’s why the dream of every web designer is to deliver superior quality, enjoyable and valuable experiences for the users. In order to achieve this goal, it’s important for a web designer to have a collection of web user interface resources and building blocks.

There are literally hundreds of user interface resources out there that will allow you to access, redefine and create a well-crafted user interface. These tools are quite useful for when you’re designing a website for your clients or creating a website template.

In this article, we are going to present a collection of top-notch user interface design tools that you can use to realize your design goals. Explore each of them, hone your own craft, and be fascinated!

Designer Vista

Designer VistaWith Designer Vista, you can design professional quality GUI mockups using a tremendous number of native controls, widgets, clip art, icons, etc. available right in the application. You can find anything you want to put on a GUI screen, and in high-quality art with Designer Vista.


MockingBirdsMockingbird is a useful online tool that makes it simple and easy for you to create, link together, preview and share mockups of your website or web application.


ForeUIThis easy-to-use UI prototyping tool is specifically designed to create mockup/ wireframe / prototypes for any web app or website you have in mind. With ForeUI, your prototype project will be skinnable. You can easily customize the look and feel of your project by simply switching the UI theme.

Massive Web UI and Button Set

Massive UIThis free and massive collection contains all of the following elements in three unique styles: glossy, satin/light gradient, and one-color. The satin/light gradient set is available in 7 different colors which you’ll find in the PSD file.

HTML Assets

HTML AssetsHTML Assets is a collection of free JavaScript code snippets. It has scripts setting the default focus on page elements (which is useful for HTML forms); scripts to auto-jump to the next form field when the current form field is full; and scripts to display the current date and time, reload the webpage, print the webpage, view the page source, close the browser window, and return to the browser’s previous webpage.


iPlotziPlotz allows users to quickly and easily create clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software applications.

LivePipe UI

LivePipeLivePipe UI is a set of high-quality widgets and controls for Web 2.0 applications built using the Prototype JavaScript framework. Each control is well-tested, highly extensible, fully documented and degrades seamlessly for non-JavaScript enable browsers.


MephoBoxMephoBox is an excellent source for finding design pattern inspiration. You can browse by user or website, or check out collections based on individual design elements.


DHXThis JavaScript library provides all the necessary functionality for building cross-browser, Ajax-based user interfaces. You can develop high-quality web applications faster with a set of ready-to-use UI widgets.

Editable Grid

Editable GridEditable Grid is an open-source JavaScript library that’s aimed at turning HTML tables into advanced editable components. It focuses on simplicity; only a few lines of code are required to get your first table up and running.

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